Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The week.
It really feels like it has been along week.  I feel like me and Elder L have been together for like 3 weeks already!  I think it is just because we are already really tight.  So Wednesday I went on exchange with Elder D while are comps went down to Bucharest and our new ones came up.  We decided we
needed to switch things up a bit and do something different.  So we bought a bouquet of flowers and handed them out to elderly ladies on the street and just said " Someone is thinking about you" or " Have a great Christmas season"   It honestly just made my whole day!  We got so many smiles and so many good conversations out of it.  It was a nice break from the ordinary.  Not a single one rejected what we were giving, which was really nice haha.
Now I am with elder L and he brought a lot of energy with him!  We had a lot of lessons and stuff set up for the end of the week. (they all fell through, but that is besides the point haha)  We got a family to come to church that I have been working hard to try and get them to come for a whole transfer now.  I kept calling them and they would tell us we could meet or they would come to church.  Well finally the weather was nice and they came to church!  It was so great!  We found them in our area book under potential investigators.  All it said was that it was a young mom with a baby and they gave her a Book of Mormon.  So we thought it would be awesome to get their whole family to church.  At the end of church we found out something.... They were already the sister's investigators!! haha what in the world!  They hadn't seen them for a while and they had never came to church.  It was so trippy but super happy. The Soras are gonna start working with them again.  Kinda sad that we "lost" our family to go try and teach... but as long as they are getting taught I am happy.
Oh I have to let you know how spoiled I feel. You guys sent me so many packages!? haha I got one from the ward! A few from you guys, and one from Grandma and Grandpa.  I have only opened two cause I dont know if I can with the other ones.  Ill tell ya it was actually a very humbling experience. It may sound cheesy, weird or whatever, but it just reminded me of all I have and how blessed I am to have to friends and family I have and to be born in a situation, and where sending packages in my behalf was possible.  I am so grateful for everyone who sent something to me.  I feel so loved and it helps me want to give that much more.
As for this up coming week, we are going down to Ploesti for our Christmas zone conference!  It's gonna be super hectic like it always is to travel with trains... but that is just how it goes.  That is about the biggest thing for next week.  Elder L and I are just gonna get to work and love every second of it.  It's gonna be a good Christmas transfer! :)
Love you all so much!  Can't believe Joco is already home!  
haha that is so weird. He finally isn't photo shopped into pictures with the family haha :)  Love you brother glad you got home safe and sound!

Elder Nightwing

Monday, December 15, 2014


The District
Well this transfer is gone, all that is left to do is packing for elder Whitaker.  That's right, I am staying for a fourth transfer here in Sibiu!  It's so crazy I got a pattern going. 2 in Pitesti, 4 in arad, 2 in Bucharest, now 4 in Sibiu!  So elder Whiatker is packing up, elder L is as well, and sora R.  So crazy after spending 3 months with the same people and now they are outta here.  My new comp will be elder L.  He is in elder Chatterton's MTC group.  The cool part is that I know him already!  He was in Buc when I was there.  It will be a fun change of pace I think.  The bummer part is, I dont get to go down to transfer :(  I always look forward to it cause you pick up your new comp and you get to catch up with all your pals and stuff.  So it kinda stinks Im missing two in a row, but it's not the end of the world.  Elder D and I will stay here and do a little exchange.  Alright so that is it for this next transfer!

This week was super busy for some reason, but looking back... I can't reallly remember that much haha.  The biggest thing that happened is we got to go down to Ploesti to do exchanges with Elder DeGraw and Elder Brundage again. It was super sick! I got to go with Elder B for the day. Let me tell ya, he has mastered the language. It was really cool to hear him talk. 
While we were there, we got to visit a member. He has basically been a member the entire time this country has been a legit mission!  While we were there he was telling us all these cool stories and kinda giving us a histroy lesson of the mission.  We were sitting on his bed/couch thingy and he told us the first missionaries in Ploesti sat in our exact seats like 20 years ago haha!  Super cool thought.  There was also a ton of snow in Ploesti!  I realized I was a little unprepared for winter.  The bottom of my shoes fell off and I couldn't find it in the snow... so might need to go buy some good snow shoes... or I'll make some contraption on the bottom so no snow gets in or something. haha

My next highlight of the week was at our weekly games night.  We played a couple rounds of ERS again.  At the end we taught them Big Booty!  Elder D knew it as well, so it was super fun  haha. We had a couple good rounds... but for the most part I think it was kinda hard for some of them.  However it was fun and got people laughing.  It was also really sad cause we said goodbye to all of our friends cause we didn't know who was leaving.  We have basically been with this same group of investigators the whole time we have all been here, and since we did two transfer all together everyone seemed attached.  Good news for me at least is that I am staying, so I get to see them all again.

Elder Cooper's brother returned for serving a 2 year
mission in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission. They are
best friends. 
So that is basically it for this week.  It's super weird thinking Christmas is SOO soon!  Remember last year how I was in Arad?!... ya that was a year ago.  Time is so trippy.  Also crazy!  Joco will be home for my next P-day!!!  What!!  Take so many pictures! and Joco tell me how it goes and every thing.  I want to know all the details.  It actually wont be that weird that he is home... just exciting.  That is about it. haha Love you all so much!  Have a great week Schuy keep up the great work with Silver Rush, and Sam you rock that Nativity set! haha :)

Elder James

Ps: on the 6th of December is saint niculas day!  You shine your shoes and put them outside for someone to put candy in them haha.  I woke up and there was candy in all my shoes! Im a believer!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

IT'S JUST LIKE THE MOVIES - (From Decmeber 1st)

I always thought that the movies where super dramatic when it came to Thanksgiving.  Something always goes wrong and never goes the way they plan.  So I'll take you through the day.  Basically Thursday morning, I got on and emailed and stuff you know up to that point.  The day starts when we got home.  So we heard you gotta take the Turkey outta the 

freezer two days before you want to cook it.  So that's what we did.  Well we get home take out the turkey try to stick my fingers in it to grab the guts and stuff out and guess what?  Still frozen all the way through some how. haha Now dethawing it put us about an hour behind.  When it came time to season it we ran into another problem.  The Rosemerry I bought to put on it was next to nothing!  There was about two pinches in the entire package I bought! It was kinda ridiculous haha  Eventually we get it in the oven and it's cooking and stuff.  In the meanwhile, Elder W and I are tried to do some studies while making the stuffing as well.  We get the stuffing done right as the turkey is about done cooking.  We take it out and try to turn off the oven and the stove.  Here comes the next problem... it WOULDN"T TURN OFF.  The knob to
"Yep, this happened!"
control the gas broke off so we couldn't turn it with that.  We then go in with some plyers to turn the metal thingy that the knob was supposed to turn.... and then the metal part busts off as well!  So we were just sitting there with our stove going for about another hour waiting for our landlord to come over and fix it.  Good news is we were not late to the Thanksgiving party!  We made it on time, and everything went super well.  So as stressful as it was we got everything done. So how did my personal turkey turn out?  Well, a little dry... and maybe a bit over done, but nobody got sick so I'd say pretty good! haha :)  Including the missionaries we had 11 members there.  To our suprise we then had 19 other friends and investigators there!  It was an amazing activity.  Everything went great and it's a lot of stress gone.  Oh ya... that night we came home, and our entire stove top was missing!  The landlord came while we were gone to fix it and decided to take it all apart haha  So we were out of a stove for about a day or two.

We were also able to meet with D again!  It's been so long.  I think about 2 weeks since we have had a lesson with him.  What it came down to is he is really praying to know if that we were sent by God and that what we are teaching is true or not.  He is gonna start reading the Book of Mormon so I am super stoked for him.
Our district! 
Alright so this past Saturday we orginized a games night for all our investigators and members.  Super fun.  Don't think we had any members show up, but we had tons of teenage kids come play so it was sick.  I taught every one how to play Eygption Rat Screw.... Im still the champ haha.
Alright so I think that is basically everything for this week.  It's been super crazy and busy.  It's weird all the different situations you get put in as a missoinary.  It may kinda suck in the moment, but looking back is always fun.  To just be like "ya... we got that done" haha 
 The Turkey Duck thingy you had looked super good! Hopefully you all had a great time!  Love you all so much!  It's basically another transfer done, so I'll let you know the changes next Monday.   Have a great week!!

Elder Cooper

Monday, December 1, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving!  Woke up this morning with frost
everywhere.  It hasn't snowed in Sibiu. yet, but it defiantly is cold enough if it wanted to.

This past week we did some exchanges with the District leader.  I went with elder L again, so it was pretty fun.  He is the second counselor for the branch here, so sometimes they have a lot of busy work they need to do.  We had to go to the church and stay there while an inspector came to check on our building's gas.  Well turns out there was a problem, so he had to shut the gas off.  Later on in the exchange we had a lesson with one of the investigators.  It was pretty fun.  We talked a lot about prayer and Elder L and I kinda just flowed together so it was cool.  It was also nice to have that lesson cause of what happened through out the week.  We tried setting up about 5-6 lessons this past week, and we got "bunged"(they didn't show up) every single one of them!  So I'm glad we got to teach during the exchange.

So fun story.  The beginning of my time here in Sibiu there was a solid 4-5 members coming to church every week.  With missionaries that makes about 11 at church every week.  Well for the past four weeks of this transfer we have had a minimum of like 19 and a max of 26!  The church is getting stronger here and it is awesome to see!  Well President has been keeping track and was very happy.  So he told us to go out to lunch and to keep the receipt and he would pay for it!  So he basically "took us out to lunch" because he is super happy with Sibiu.  Now I am not telling this to be like "wow look we did, we are awesome!"  Just to show you that your prayers and fasts on the behalf of the people here specifically in Sibiu are being answered.  Thanks for helping us from all the way over there!

This past Sunday president C found out he had to leave out of town like 2 or 3 days before Sunday.  So Presiding fell onto the other two elders.  They asked elder W and I if we could give talks and so that is what we did Sunday.  Also we had two of our English students come to church!  They have stayed for all of our spiritual thoughts after English but for some reason no one has invited them to church yet!  I kinda thought it would be the sisters cause they are both girls.  So this past Saturday I was just like hey we will see you tomorrow right?  And then basically just invited them and they were both excited to come!  So it made us all really happy to see them there.  I hope that they can start doing lessons with the sisters!

Saturday morning... we ran out of milk.... ALL of our breakfasts rely on milk! We had to rush outside to our friendlyneighborhood mini market and get some milk. There is always this really nice little lady that works there and is always so happy to talk with us.  I always try to find excuses to go over to that store cause they recognize us and we have friends over there.  Don't really know why I told you this....  Oh well.

Well today we have a pretty busy day a head of us.  We are
showing everyone how to celebrate some Thanksgiving
American style!..(and technically Canadian as well)  Some how the responsibility fell on me to cook one of the turkeys! haha I got some instructions from Sora Bair (she's so great), so it will turn out well right?  So ya, After I finish writing to all of you, we are going home and I gotta start cooking it and getting ready for this activity. Cooking is really fun actually. I'm not the best at it, but I'm getting better. I like stepping up to do it.  The day should be really fun cause a lot of people said they were coming and bringing some food.  So it is kinda like a giant Potluck!  I am super excited. 
Well that is about it for this week.  It is weird to think that I'll be back here in like 4 days writing about the days again.  Might be a bit shorter.  I love you all so much.  Hope you have a great Ziua Recunostintei!  Eat a lot!!

The Elder Cooper #2 aka Nightwing aka Coops aka JAC aka Elder James Anderson Cooper

                                          FLASHBACK TO THE HALLOWEEN PARTY

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


It's time to tell ya about the week.
COMPANIONS (Thanks for the picture Bairs)
To start it off we had to do some apartment checks for our apartment to see if it was up to "missionary standard".  The senior couple that came are the Bairs. They are so great!  His first name is Lyle (same as Grandpa Coopers) so it makes it even better.  He always says stuff and then his wife hits him and says "LYLE!"  I dont know, I think it is super funny, and makes everything okay.  I just love senior couples so much!  They add such a great dynamic to a mission.  If nothing else, they help the missionaries SO much.  Anyone who is thinking about going on a senior mission... do it!  You are so needed out here.

We had another lesson with D this week.  There is no doubt that he felt the spirit in this lesson.  I dont know how open he is to change... but he is defiantly searching.  He brought up an awesome analogy.  About a person looking for a certain store.  He is walking down the street really looking to find this store.  He is asking people on the way down for directions or where exactly it is.  He keeps going where the other people tell him to go and he still can't find it.  A lot of people give up and stop looking after a couple disappointments.  He knows the store is close and somewhere around the area he is he just cannot locate exactly where it is.  I then testified to him that we were in the "store".  That we have the directions and we WILL help him find it to.  Elder Whitaker then bore his testimony and it was a super awesome lesson.  We will meet with him in two days so I am stoked. 

Now this brings us to the main event of the week.  Our conference down in Bucharest.  Elder Whitaker and I stayed with Elder Jarmen and Elder Chatterton.  It is always so good getting to talk to my boy.  He is doing super good.  His
companionship is the first and I think only companionship in the mission to have ipads!  The time is getting close haha.. but that is besides the point.  We then got up the next morning to go to the conference.  Elder Kearon is amazing!  He is now one of my heroes and biggest examples.  It is so hard to explain how down to earth yet so spiritual he is.  He makes you participate out of your own desire to want to help and contribute.  Basically I dont think I have ever received such a exact response to one of my prayers before.  Literally almost every word that was spoken when I got to the conference to the time I left was a response to something I have been talking about with my Heavenly Father about.  It showed me that I have a lot I need to improve on, but left me hopeful enough to be happy and want to try just a little bit harder.  I don't think I have ever had such a good conference before.  It was SUPER long don't get me wrong, but overall it was great.  I wish I had time to go up and talk him personally but sadly I didn't.  So it was worth all the travel and what not we had to do to get there.  I also got to see a lot of people I haven't seen for a really long time!  I got to see my "baby sister" aka Sora Bird from my Arad transfers.  We gotta talk for a bit and catch up.  She is super awesome and she actually is serving in Panduri, exactly where I was before Sibiu.  She makes me laugh.
For the travel part this is what we had to do.  Leave
The joy of travel 
Wednesday at three on the 6ish hour train, then get into Bucharest around 9.  Then the next morning wake up at 6:30 and go to the meeting.  After that take a 3 hour train to the city of Brasov to get half way home.  That next morning wake up at like 5 to catch our train and get into sibiu at like 8 or 9 on Friday morning.  It was exhausting haha.

To top off the week we had 23 people at church!  We are being so blessed over here in Sibiu.  All of everyone's prayers and fasts are helping so much.  Doesn't mean that there might be some more dips into lower numbers, but three weeks in a row with numbers in the 20's is awesome!  So we are all pretty happy as a district.  We gotta keep working hard.

To end the letter I want to share an awesome scripture that was brought to my attention in an amazing new light.  Alma 62:41 "But behold, because of the exceedingly great length of the war between the Nephites and the Lamanites many had become hardened, because of the exceedingly great length of the war; and many were softened because of their afflictions, insomuch that they did humble themselves before God, even in the depth of humility." Basically it's our choice.  We all
have our own "wars" there is no avoiding it, but we get to choose how we will let it affect us.  We can become hardened and shut our friends, family, and God out.  Maybe the "war" will make us choose where we will be obedient and where we wont.  There are many ways to be "hardened".  We make ourselves miserable and blame it on the "war".  For those who have fallen into this category, don't give up.  You can stay hardened for a little while longer, I personally realize it is easier and more comfortable that way, but don't stay that way much longer. I beg you to start the softening process and just try and let it soften you. it's not fun, and change is difficult, but it is promised we will be happier.  So if nothing else rely on that to get started cause I KNOW you are not happy now.  The Lamanites and the Nephites both went through the war and people from both sides were hardened and softened.  Doesn't matter if you are a member of the church or not.  You get to choose.  Be careful!

Thanks for being so great to me and always having my best interest in mind.  I couldn't do this with out you all, so again, simply thanks.  Love you all, have a great week!

The Nightwing!

ps:  Next week will be interesting with P-day, we are moving it to Thanksgiving.  So sometime Thursday I think is the plan to write home.  Also I received the package from Grandma, Grandpa, and Jacquilin  I was just about to run out of Skippy haha thanks so much from both me and elder Whitaker haha.  Love you!

Monday, November 10, 2014


It's been another week.  It's crazy how to describe time.  I feel like just yesterday I was on here writing, but at the same time, it's like been a month since I've heard from you! crazy stuff.

I think this was the last week where we are going over to that investigator's garden to farm and stuff.  He has been saying he is going to France to go take care of bees and get honey for the last like 6 months or something like that.  We'll turns out this week we actually think he left!  I am still a little hesitant because he just barely ordered 25 truck loads of dirt that was just barely dumped on his property this last Tuesday.  He wants us to continue to work for him... but he wont be back for a very long time... we are not really sure what to do.  I kinda feel bad for him.  We think some one jipped him on his dirt.  We were looking at and digging through it, and it is just
a bunch of clay (from what I hear, that is not good for farming)  It also has a bunch of random concrete pieces all over (kinda like a broken up sidewalk)  So actually what we think happened was he bought this stuff from some construction workers for super cheap or something like that.
Now comes the question why did he do that if he knew he was going to France?  Maybe we will never know.  Oh also while we were there, I thought it would be a good moment to use my ceramics skills.  I made a huge trophy/ goblet of some sort.  It was actually looking pretty good.... so I brought it home to put in our oven to see if it would harden enough to use it.  If anyone who is reading this knows anything about ceramics... I think they know how much that idea just simply would not work.  To say the least, it didnt make it.... but that's enough about that.

So you know that audit I had to do for the branch over here?  Well this week I got 100% done with it!  All the hard stuff was over a while ago, I just had a lot of busy work to do with it.  It took a couple hours cause the printer wasn't working at the church, but luckily elder W is a genius and got it to work just enough so I could get it done.  Now let's just cross our fingers I didnt make any mistakes!

Something super cool happened this week.  We were able to meet with a less active member.  Ever since I was with Elder C we have been trying to meet up with him.  We finally were able to do a drop by his work and talk for him for like 5 minutes.  THE most productive 5 minutes I have ever spent!  It went super well.  It was really good to just put a face to him and for him to do the same for us.  Now the hope is he will be more open to meet up now that we are not strangers.  The best part is, he is super young and I still feel like he has "the light" in his eyes.  He asked for a whole bunch of our English cards that we hand out to people on the street to get to come to our courses, and said that he wanted to give a bunch out to his friends and also leave some at his work for customers to grab!  He is amazing and would have some great things to contribute to help the work progress SO much here in Sibiu! He is just a solid guy.  We are hoping he will be able to move back into Sibiu so things will be just a tad easier for him.  
 We have some cool stuff to look forward to this week.  A member of the 70 is coming over here to talk with all of us.  You might remember his talk he gave in general conference a while ago.  It was about when he was a boy and his parents told him not to walk around outside without shoes.  Well he does and then gets stung by a scorpion. I am super excited to hear from him, I really liked that talk he gave.  So this means Wednesday afternoon we are hoping on a train and heading down to Bucharest!  Basically the entire mission will be there so I am super excited to see all of them as well!  We then will either come back Thursday night on another 5 or 6 hour train ride or on Friday morning.  A lot of travel but it is so worth it.  I will let you know how it goes next week!

Love you all so much!  Thanks for your letters and all your support.  I couldn't ask for a better family.  I am so happy we can be together for eternity!  That info alone gives me so much comfort I can't express it in words.  Have a good week!


Ps:  I bought a harmonica today!  I decided it would be good to learn how to play.  When I am old sitting on my porch with my big ol' dog... That'll be the best.  Hidden talent coming to the surface?.... I think so! :)

Monday, November 3, 2014


All right so the week. 

We were able to meet up with a member we haven't seen that much at church.  It was super great.  He was so nice and
really really wants to come back to church.  It's just hard right now because of his work schedule.  They literally give him no time on Sundays... it's super sad.  We are hoping to see that turn around soon.  That day was super busy.  We were running all over the place.  Right after we had a lesson with D again!  He is progressing, I think, but it is super slow.  It's also an interesting situation because he is fewer than 18.  Well during this lesson, we had a surprise visit.  M came to Sibiu to look at the church here!  If you dont remember him, we taught him a couple times when I was serving in Buc.  It was super cool to see him again. Life is just tricky sometimes, but we are hoping and praying that the missionaries in Buc will keep working with him on so that one day he can be a member. I have faith in him. 

All right so yesterday was probably the best Sunday I have had outside of America.  We had tons of people at church.  The group in Sebes was able to come down to Sibiu.  That consists of R (who we visited in the mountains) also this awesome family.  They have like 5 kids and they are all super cute!  The oldest son just had his interview to receive the Aaronic priesthood.  The rest of them are all younger so the sisters had to do a primary class!  Super awesome!  Then we had a less active family come. They brought their two little girls, so that just added to the primary. :) That's not all!  We then had a lady come with her little girl!!!  I am not 100% sure on her situation, but she knows a lot about the church... the members all know her... so I think she is less active as well.  So if you have been adding up we had 8 kids at church!  Also three full families!  So great! The C's, the less actives with the two girls, and the other Family C (that is the Branch president, they just got back from the temple in Madrid getting sealed!)  To say the least, it was the most amazing Sunday I have had in Sibiu.  There was so much noise, children laughing and crying it was so nice. I guess I've missed noise. :)   We wish the people in Sebes could come every week!  They help this branch out so much.  Everyone who came just felt so welcomed.  It was an awesome change to see.

To wrap up the week, we watched another session of general conference.  Only two more and we are done! haha

I know that no matter what life throws our way that Christ will
help. It takes patience, but he is there. The basics are what matter.  Pray always.  The Book of Mormon brings so much calm and peace that I know I literally can't afford to not read it.  Two days ago I had a feeling like I have never had before.  Of just the spirit of God confirming certain things to my heart, it was so strong.  It departed so quickly though.  Luckily I wrote it down to reflect on. Guess we have to hold on to the moments.  

Love you all so much!  Hope you can have a great week!  Talk to ya soon!

Elder Cooper

Monday, October 27, 2014


This week we got a surprise visit.  Elder O and Elder Chatterton came and spent 2 days over here.  If you remember Elder Chatterton went to Bucharest for a "special assignment".  Basically they have been working on a couple different things, with senior couples and with a big program that we will be doing for Christmas.  They also had the
Great to see this kid again!
assignment to go around to a bunch of small groups that are not quite branches yet.  So that is what they were doing over here in Sibiu.  I don't know if you ever hear about the city Deva?  Well it basically closed the transfer before I got here to Romania.  Well their job was basically to go look at the situation over there and bring them the sacrament.  Deva is super close to Sibiu so they just stayed with us.  The coolest part of their assignment... they have a mini Ipad!!  They also got to drive around half of Romania, so that is super sick.  In our mission they say that we might be getting mini ipads about Christmas time!  So that will be another huge change.  So it was just super cool to see elder Chatterton again. He was such a great companion, and I'm so grateful I was able to train him. 

This past Saturday we had an amazing Halloween activity!  We knew Halloween isn't until next Saturday, but since transfers are so close, we decided to do a super, well planned
activity before the transfer ends. It was a huge success, I I think.  We had 20 people there total!  6 missionaries, 3 members, and 11 non -members/ investigators!  At the beginning we had bobbing for apples (which is filthy), fishing for candy, and mummy bowling.  About 30 minutes in we switched it up and took them upstairs to do some team relay races.  While they were doing that, Elder W and I stayed down stairs and set up the Pumpkin carving stuff!  When they all came down they started carving.  While they were carving, we took 2 at a time down into our haunted house we made!  You know those glow sticks you sent me a while ago mom?  Well they were actually super needed and made it really fun, so thanks again for those!  This was probably the best activity I have had on my mission. Everyone was getting along, smiling and laughing. It was also super cool because they dont really celebrate Halloween here in Romania.  They have only seen how American's do in the movies and stuff.  So it was pretty cool we were able to bring some of our stuff to them.  It's cool I will get to say that I was in Transylavania for Halloween!

So now Sunday rolls around.  Guess what happened?  We forgot it was daylight savings!!  AH!  It was awful haha. 
Today was also the day we found out what will be happening next transfer.  Everyone is staying the same.  Not a single thing will be different.  So I wont get to go down to Buc to see Poulsen off. :/ I actually pretty bummed about that. It's always a recharging reunion at transfers....luckily I had a good talk with someone on Sunday and it helped me a lot. 

I am so grateful for all of you.  Thank you for understanding life and always giving me good advice and support.  I dont know where I would be without every single one of you.  Love you all so much!  Have a great week!

Love The Cooper #2

ps:  In about a weeks time it has turned into winter.  Seriously like three weeks ago I was walking around in short sleeves sweating, and now all my winter stuff is out and we are preparing for snow.  It has already snowed in Bucharest, so it is only a matter of time! haha

Loved serving with Elder Poulsen. I will miss having him here, he's one of my best friends, but ya,
we will be buds forever. I'm excited for you to meet him. 

Monday, October 20, 2014


This has been a stressful week.  It was one of those weeks where you wake up and every day there is a long list of things you have to get done.  So it's really cool looking back on this past week, but during it... was tough...haha.

  All right so this week we got to go to Ploesti to do an exchange with our zone leaders.  It was awesome cause they are elder Brundage and elder DeGraw!  It was super cool to serve with elder DeGraw again, even if it was only for like 3 hours.  The train times are kinda ridiculous. 
"Oh trains, but I did Enjoy my time with Elder Brundage"
Basically the only time is at like 3 and it's a 5 hour train ride, so you get in at 8ish.  So Wednesday night we got into Ploesti around 8 to do our exchange.  Then Thursday after our 3 hours of studies we didnt have that much time to do that much stuff.  We had to be on the train at 3 and take the 5 hour train back to Sibiu.  Even though most of our time was spent on a train, it was still an awesome exchange.  I definitely learned a lot and I wouldn't have done it any other way.
When we got back to Sibiu, I found out something awful.... back-story.  Before we left Sibiu I got a pair of pants tailored, but didnt have time to try them on cause we had to leave for Ploesti.  Well when we got back I tried them on.... They Barely fit anymore!  They are so tight I can barely lift one of my legs a foot of the ground!  Also the lady tailored the left pant leg like 5 times tighter than the right!  It's ridiculous haha.  So of course I had to give them a test run that day I was basically waddling everywhere.... it was very uncomfortable.  Kinda random, just thought I would share. :)

This week I got possibly the best news I have heard my entire mission.  On Saturday I get a random call from the zone leaders down in Bucharesti.  They said hey elder Cooper, we got someone here that wants to talk to you.  To my surprise it was A one of the investigators I started teaching when I was there!  I thought he had left for England already.  Well he goes on to tell me that he is getting baptized in about 30 minutes!!  So not only did he not go to England but he continued to meet with the missionaries and take all the lessons and decided to get baptized.  He is an official member of the church as of yesterday!  He then went on and thanked me for sticking with him when I was there.  I'll tell ya, I was just bouncing off the walls.  If that isn't reason to have a good day I don't know what is!  I was just floating the rest of the day it felt.  So that was a super sick experience.  

To top that day of we had a sick activity.  We invited all the
members, investigators, and our English students to a movie night.  We watched Frozen!  I was in awe during and after that movie.  That should defiantly be a movie in the movie box back home, I need to see it at least 10 more times before I will be satisfied with it .  I am also in love with Elsa... so that's fun. :)

Also in this week, we got a new investigator!  He is a teenager and is in the medium English class.  He wants to meet three times a week and do 30 for 30s!  That is where we teach 30 minutes of English and then 30 minutes about the gospel.  He is one of the most open, honest, and prepared people I have talked to here.  I am super excited to see where he will go.
Alright so one of the most stressful parts of the week was because of a unique assignment I got.  A couple weeks ago, elder N was here in Sibiu.  They are the senior couple who run the office.  Well when he was here he saw me and he asked me if I could help him out with something.  So of course I said sure.  Well he wanted me to audit the Sibiu branch.... haha so he sent me the instructions and I have been studying the packet as much as I could.  So this past Sunday that is what I did.  I audited the branch.  It was a cool experience but I am glad it is almost over haha.  The church is very good at taking care and making sure the money is getting used the right way I'll just say that.  Hopefully we wont run into any problems.  So ya that was yesterday :)

I am excited for just a normal week here in Sibiu with normal stuff to do.  We are gonna finish this transfer off right.  That's right, it's almost that time again!  Crazy how fast time goes.  Thanks for all the support and prayers in my behalf.  It sure makes it a bit easier to get stuff done and stay focused!  Love you all so much!  Hope you all have a great week!

The Cooper #2

Ps: We are still working on getting all the sessions watched over here.  If you haven't, listened to elder M Russell Ballard's talk the first talk in the Sunday afternoon session.  Stay in the boat you should!!! 

                                  Just working.  That is always a way to feel good!

"Oh you know, just Duck flavor Ramen"