Monday, June 29, 2015


So uh hey....
Haha I cant believe this is the last email that I will be sending as a missionary.  Before I write about all that stuff though I want to tell you real quick a little about the week.  

Our elevator rides are always interesting!

We were able to go over a couple times this past week and really help the R's finish up picking all his cherrys in his garden.  I feel like some of the reason that me and him were able to work so well when it came to the branch work was because we also worked together in other aspects of life.  He has really helped me out here in Craiova and I have tryed to do the same for him.  T R  Is seriously one of the best men I know.  I am glad we got to spend so much time with him this week in his garden.  
We also had a kind of going away party this past saturday.  We invited a bunch of people to the church so we could do a BBQ... dont worry mom we took a bunch of pictures haha :)  It was amazing!  I got to play with a bit of fire again and we got to just eat pork and mici like men!  It was perfect.  It really showed me that I do have a lot of connections here in Craiova that I really want to keep in touch with.  It was really weird saying goodbye to all the good friends I made here.  I know that I will still be able to communicate with them through email or facebook or whatever it may be. But just the feeling of not knowing if I would see any of them in person ever again was weird.  I am happy for the time that I have had with them.
Sunday I gave my farewell talk.  The first time in my life I ever lost track of time while public speaking!  It was a good
Being in a trio has been a good time :) 
practice round I think ;)  It was a really comfortable setting with not many people, but just enough to make it feel like a talk.  I dont even want to think about 100+ people in the same room.  Sounds overwhelming.... I might just not do my homcoming talk..... haha :)
  There is no way that I will ever be able to relay all my experiences over to other people.  I know that I have experienced many many things for the benifit of others through my mission. but I also know there are many things that I have experienced for my well being.  This has been the hardest thing that I have ever done in my entire life.  So looking back sometimes I wonder why I didnt give up.  I have thought about this a lot.  I don't have a big cool experience to share of how at one big moment I just knew this was the place for me,  All I know is that I was sustained by some other source or divine intervention to be able to make it day to day... cause that is how I lived my mission.. day to day. I
know that source is my Father in heaven.  This simple fact is something I have come to know through sweat and tears.  He is my Father that happens to live in heaven and I know He wants me to succeed here.  One powerful thing I read the other day came from my first journal.  I was re-reading back to the good ol days in the MTC.  One particular day I was stuggling and I wrote in that journal "if I am able to do this full 2 year mission, there will be no doubt in my mind that what I am preaching is true and that I will have recieved power beyond my own strength."   It took me reading that to really start to see that I have been so
blessed in my time here in Romania as a missionary.  I am sad to be leaving these people now.  It is a really exciting time over here.  The mission is really picking up energy and momentum.  Things are happening and it for sure going places. It is time for these new missionaries to be here.  That is why it is my time to leave.  We need to keep progressing here and even though I have had 2 years of experience and know a bit about how to do things here, the new blood and the new ideas is what will keep this place growing, and not stuck in a rut, into the place that it's dedication prayer says it will be "a beacon to the surrounding countries." I know I planted seeds that some day will make this a reality. 
Until we meet again Romania!

So I really just want to thank everyone who has given me any type of support in the time that I have been on this crazy adventure.  If it wasn't for all of you guys fasting and praying for me, I would not have been able to do this.  that's why this gospel is so beautiful, it is all about team work to help and love others.  In all of you helping me I hope you feel some sort of satisfaction in knowing that through me you were able to help the lives of the people here in Romania.  You are just as much a part of this as I am! :)  I love you all so much!!  I can't wait to see  you all very soon!!  Two more days and it will be over.  What a roller coaster, but one I am glad I went on! :)  The gospel is true. 
                           SEE YA SOON!!!!!!

Elder Cooper


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