The plane flight was SOOO long!  so basically the first two flights were totally fine, for the most part.  Its that last flight that just destroyed me... haha  First of all, we are all basically running on zero sleep, so some emotions are kinda being let out, which is totally fine that they felt like they needed to say some of the things they did haha :) and after waiting for about 30 minutes in line to get on the plane we finally get on.  The thing is, its a billion degrees!! and its the smallest plane ever that is trying to hold just as many as a normal plane! ( it really was a normal plane, just what I was thinking at the time)  So that one was probably the worst one out of the three we were on.  However the best one was the second one! ( the one from Texas to Amsterdam- 8hrs) so we all sit down and I started talking to this airline lady. She was from The Netherlands!! so we were just having a normal conversation, and she started to be very curious about what we were all doing...... SO BOOM! haha she got what she asked for :) that is how we started talking about our church and all that.  I said " oh you know what?  my brother is actually doing the same thing I am, but he is where you live!!" I ended up giving her my Book of Mormon with my testimony inside.  I told her I wanted her to try and find my brother hahaha :) I gave her some information of how to contact the church and what not.  So there you go Joco, new investigator for you!... your welcome  ;) haha


Blessed to have good teachers. 

Practicing the game face. 

They've all worked hard, prayed hard, and come together to do their
best.  Now it's time to head to the field.


The District had different themes on Sundays. This was Rainbow Sunday
This is how they would eat every day!
So tired for studying so hard!

Just being helpful.

Working hard in the classroom.  
The Temple was closed for the first half of Elder Cooper's
MTC stay.  It was a great blessing when in reopened. 

Hi Sister Cooper! (She sent this shortly after arriving in Romania)
This is Sora Newell, who was with your son in the MTC.  He wanted me to email you this picture of him because I had it on my camera.

There is definitely a story behind this picture, but it's hard to explain.  I believe this exact moment went like this:

Elder Cooper:   "Elder Brown, let me hold your hand!"
Elder Brown:     "No!  This is so awkward."
It was such a pleasure to be with him in the MTC!  I'm sure you already know this, but you have a great son.  I only get to see him at Zone Conferences and other meetings like that since I am in Constanta and he is in Pitesti (?  I think). 
Anyway, I wish him the best, and you and your family as well.
Sora Newell 

Well hello again family, :)

Bench Pressing
Its my last pday in the MTC!  and the last pday i will ever have on wednesday! haha im gonna miss it. 
So i taught the whole zone a new way to do personal exercise.  haha ( we can only go to the gym like 3 times a week)  Its what i used to do with Sam and Schuy..... We bench press each other! :)  It is just expected that the "smaller" Elders volunteer for the weights.  They still get a work out because they have to stay perfectly straight, so they get a core work out, while us that bench press them work out our arms and what not... haha Its really funny to watch, but it works!

My teacher told us that in Romania, the other day it was 110 degrees with 80% humility!!  WHAT??  hahaha I had no idea the temperature would basically be the hottest of the hot and the coldest of the cold!.  Oh well Im super excited to get all sweaty walking in that place.. Oh, what makes that even more intresting, is that Romanians DO NOT believe in AC. or in rolling down windows. They believe that the air will enter into one ear go through their head and make them sick.... every place has AC though, they just refuse to use it!  So imma have to get used to bein all sweaty and such. :) Okay so a lot of times in class I get really confused with
what the teacher is saying.  So a lot of times I will ask him to repeat, or ask him to say it more simple. For some reason I didnt this time. The teacher had just finished saying something, that I could not understand.  The room was so quiet, so i guess i assumed he said something like " okay now everybody read to themselves from this pamplet"  ( I just saw him holding one so thats why i assumed that) haha anyways I was just sitting there and realized i didnt have one.  So i stood up to go get one from the magical self where you can find anything you need. In doing this I had volunteered myself to help the teacher out with his demonstration. Hahaha oh boy.  I had no idea what was going on! So funny!  But something really cool happened... I was able to understand what was being said in the role play, and i was also blessed with being able to speak Romanian.  It was SO awesome :)

My district has been super blessed while in the MTC.  We were able to hear from two apostles while here! First Elder Scott then yesterday Elder Anderson!  We are so blessed!  Basically his talked was about love and sacrifice.  I wish i could say some profound thing that he said to use, but i cant think of anything now.  But wait this is where the story gets a little intresting, well as exciting as it can get in the MTC haha.  It started storming way bad.  So at the end of the devotional, The security man came up on stage and wispered something to Elder Anderson.  They made us stay in the mariot center because the lighting was to close and too dangerous!! So we stayed there fo a little while and sang hymns.  On the way back we all got soaked! it was raining pretty hard.  Luckily, I was already getting all my stuff dry cleaned today.. ;) ha

There has been a lot of cool experiences here.  I dont know if i already told you this but Elder Brown gave me a blessing. It was a great experience. This week has been a difficult one for some of the Elders.  I received a blessing because I had been asked to give some blessings. They were really needed and I really love these people. I was then able to give them a blessing.  That was an answer to prayers.  I had been praying to be able to exercise my priesthood authority.  It was an awesome experience for me, and helped me remember why I always try to turn away from sin, so that I could be worthy to give a blessing in time of need.

I want you all to know I am doing well.  Things here are seriously like a roller coaster!  But currently, at the moment, I am happy and anxious to get out in the field!  My companionship has been blessed as we have realized and done all we needed to do :)  
So on a funnier note.. Turns out I am a really fast walker.... Those whom i have walked with at school would disagree, but it is true!! so it used to make me super frustrated that my district would not walk with purpose.  Then i decided I would take the rear and make sure that nobody got separated.  This helps my head not to be impatient :) So see, everything can be flipped into a good thing!  hahaha anyways Love you all so Much!! my next email will be from the ROMANIA!!! stay good and remember to think of Christ!

      Elder Nightwing/James Anderson Cooper

Some of the friends Elder Cooper saw in the MTC.  
He saw others, but only got pictures with a few.

The 5 Elders headed to Romania

Dear Family,
Wow another P-day!  This is kinda crazy!  So here is thing that I realized... time back home went so slow.  Things here go so fast.  Like ive already been in a month! (almost).  I think ive sed this before, days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days in here.  
So each day we have a total of about 6 hours of concentrated class time for Romanian.  
The class is divided in half into 2 class periods with 3 hours each.  
Usually one of those class periods is awesome and really uplifting
Sometime he wonders if he knows
English or Romanian
Then the other one is almost always the worst part of the day.  It can be really tough in here sometimes... seeing how almost every one has an awesome back ground of language study. ex: 12 yrs of French, fluent in German, 5 yrs of some other language..... and only have 2 yrs of French that was in 8th and 9th grade. 
I am not comparing myself.  haha It just makes sense in my head why they're at their level and im at mine. The Elders and Sisters are amazing and they are doing so great :)

There is this hymn i found my first Sunday here that i forgot to share with you. 97# Lead kindly light.. ( I think thats the title)  Just put yourself in a brand new missionaries shoes, then read the words.  It is fantastic!  One of the Elders that is going to Italy told me something I really like.  I dont have the quote with me right now so i will try my best to tell you it from memory. " If you exercise your faith in Jesus Christ and are as obedient as possible, the Lord wont let any one screw (mess) up his plan for you, not even you."  Think that is how it went... haha it's really great.

The wonderful District

So starting last Thursday things were kinda depressing.  As i was in class trying my hardest to understand the concepts, a thought came to me.  It was " you just aren't as smart as these other people".  Usually i am able to kinda just be like " hahaha okay what ever" and throw that thought in the trash.  But for some reason it just kinda stuck with me until about Sunday Monadayish.  This persisting thought just kept banging at my attitude and my general state of well being.  I could tell that everyone was kinda going out of their way to make sure I understood what was being said (not only in Romanian but also in English)....  HAHA i look back now and laugh, but it was really hard for me. I look at it now like " Wow im am so blessed that I have a district where every one in it wants to make sure I say everything exactly right and wants to make sure i understand their way of looking at everything" It really helps me see everything in so many different ways.... hahaha ya.... It is great!!  Its all about your attitude.  At the beginning of this struggle, I was just so turned Inwards.  Thinking thoughts like " why dont they just worry about themselves" or " I dont really care what you have to say".  I like to think I am helping everyone.  They get the opportunity to try and teach me something they just learned! haha :) I really feel they just have my best interest in mind :)  So everything is now turned better.  It took a while for my mind to get to that point, but the point is It got there :)  ya haha :)

So if you couldnt tell by this letter,  It is getting harder to English.... But it is not getting easier to Romanian haha So looks like I soon wont be able to be fluent in any language!! haha :)  I love you all so much!!  I feel bad i cant write every one back!!
I think the "District Moms" over-did it!
Im trying to write people back haha.  Just becuase you dont get a letter right away doesnt mean i didnt like your letter! haha seriously i hope every one keeps writting! I love hearing how every one is doing!  Family you are the best!!  I will probably write a hand written letter as well!  Stay good and stay sweet!! :)  All is well
ELder James Anderson Cooper

8/14/2013  The Lord Trusts You
Hello Family!! My thoughts are kinda scattered right now, so it's a good thing i wrote down stuff i wanted to tell ya about!

First of all I had an interview with one of the wardcouncil men the other day.  His name is Brother C :)  He is an amazing man.  SO inspired by the spirit.  I could tell in that interview that he just cared so much for all the missioanries, and specifically me in that moment.  He talked to me a lot about leadership positions as a missionary. He told me a lot of good things. He told me that the ward council has noticed me.  He said I dont want you to feel as if the ward council has overlooked you.  You maybe wondering why some of these Elders are getting recognized.  He then went on to tell me that the reason i wasn't recieveing any calllings here in the MTC, is because i will have plenty out in the field.  He said the Lord needs a person like you to be a leader when it is the most difficult... haha oh great :) (You might want to rephrase some of this for the public?) :) Yeah so basically he made me feel so great and really uplifted my spirits :)
Loving the chips and salsa!
 OH!! yesterday at our devotional, RICHARD G. SCOTT came and spoke to us!! I LOVE THIS MAN SO MUCH!.. He truly answered my prayers.  His talk was on prayers.  He helped me understand something amazing that I haven't been able to conceptualize before.  Basically ive been wondering, why my communication with our Heavenly Father always feels delayed, or unclear or anything like that.... Like why cant i receive answers sometimes.  Basically two things.  The first is what i love the most.  He said "if you feel as if our Heavenly Father has not blessed you with an answer to your prayers.... it's because he trusts you"  NO ANSWER (or delayed answer) = LORD'S TRUST!  And the other thing he pointed out was that most the time, we are just looking for the Lord telling us what we want to hear.  My thoughts went like "oh ya, completely makes sense! He is our all knowing loving heavenly Father, why would he tell me something that, I probably don't need when he has all the answers and will give me exactly what i need when i need it".  These things are so tricky.  .... ah i dont like that sentence i just typed... but i cant put it into words really!  Hope you get my point... Anyways it answered sooooo many of my prayers. It made me super happy :)

The District!
Ok interesting fact.  In Romania..... They all write in.... CURSIVE!!.... what!?  I cant read American cursive! hahahaha this will be so intresting/ way fun/maybe a tad frustrating to learn how to do! haha :)

Anyways, i am half done with the MTC!! crazy.  I actually only have like 2 and a half weeks left in here. I dont know if it feels the same over there (at home) but i feel like I just got here.... Well actually the days seem like weeks and the weeks seem like days... if that makes sense :)  Im not going to lie, im actually pretty scared to enter Romania.  Its like my farewell talk made it seem real, entering into and staying in the MTC has made it A LOT more real :) but actually going to Romania is as real as it gets... no more waiting for anything really in that sense.  The Language is still very interesting to me... I mean i can speak a little.  but not anywhere near where i feel like a should or would be at this point... So i fall back on the Lord,   every single day and especially at night.  There is no humanly possible way that i could learn this language.  So its a good thing i have someone with me all the time that is completely fluent, and likes to whisper to me every now and again.... ( the Holy Ghost ;) ) He knows all things, and WILL help me when I exercise my faith in our savior Jesus Christ, and of course when im also obedient.   OHHH JOCO,  there is this chance... my teachers told me that usually on the way to Romania the airplane stops in the..... NETHERLANDS!!! so we should coordinate times.  Just happen to go proselyting in the airport that day hahaha how freaking crazy would that be! haha :)
Elder Brown and Elder Cooper
So in our rooms we have made a game... actually I made the game. haha we have a name for it in Romanian that transfers over in English to,,,, Latterstanding!! its really hard, but i hold the record ( on the bottom step) its what ever :)  I have the record with 7 seconds!... So here it is we have a latter in our room for the double decker beds.  But I have decided we dont use them for that purpose... They are sports equipment!!  You wouldnt use a basketball for a pillow right! makes sense to me... anyways two feet must be on the latter at
the same time for the timer to start. then the purpose is to balance on it.  If you think oh come on elder Cooper that is to easy.... think again! try it if you dont believe me! haha anyways there are different divisions, like 2nd 3rd and 4th step. and then you got the one footer division.  Basically everyone that cant do two feet! haha :)

I love you all so much!  Dont stop emailing or writting or deareldering! I want to hear from everyone!! :) I will try very hard to reply to everyone!! 
Elder James Anderson Cooper ;)

The District


8/7/2013 Learning the Language
Drage family,
Its another Pday! haha yay! Everything here is getting better and better as the days, weeks go. So I've decided something.  Romanian is hard for me to learn because, i still dont understand english!! haha. But really, Court i think you would be great at learning another language because you understand English so well. :)  I think not fully understanding English is actually such a blessing to me personally, but it seems to help every one else haha.  For me I am just basically learing from the ground up.  They say things like "oh ya it is Reflexiv, or teacher, is that is that the best way to conjucate the Plural subject in futuretense form?" And im just sitting here just like... what... hahaha its actually kinda funny.  Im sure it frustrates the teachers a little that im not that smart, but ive come to feel that its totally okay because im trying to understand the best i know how! :) I reallly  am working hard on this stuff! I think I am also probably a humbling agent here in the MTC.  A lot of the sisters and Elders are pretty confidant in their ability to learn the language.  It's awesome, sometimes i come away from a lesson or from a class session, and the spirit was able to help me so much with the language, I think it keeps the others on their toes, because when i understand something, the others ive notice tend to push themselves a little more, because im usually the last to understand :) haha so i enjoy when the spirit is able to work through me like that :)
So me and Elder Brown were teaching Adrian (One of our Investigators) and i was completely lost.  I had no idea what was being said on either side of the conversation.  So finally i heard a word i thought i knew, so i thought i knew what they were talking about..... Nope... I tried to say something in Romanian to contribute to the conversation.  There was an awkward pause, followed by a roar of laughter.  Apparently i said something, no idea what, and it really lighten the mood in the room haha.  You usually think the spirit will tell you the right words to say, but i guess sometimes he just needs you to lighten the mood :) haha.
Really quick here are the Elders/Sisters ive talked with: Clafflin, Anderson, White, Erikson (a lot), North, Stevans, Gorringe, Christanson (before he left), and Scoutin.  I wish i wouldve taken pictures with all of them but i didnt have my camera! :(
Elder Cooper and his companion Elder Brown
Me and Elder Brundage have really been getting along lately.  Sometimes we have imaginary battles that get really intense.  Usually people dont stop and watch, but sometimes they do :) haha EVERYONE LOVES YOU MOM!  THe packages are fantastic! we are running out of room to place things! but that is totally okay.  So you are doing fantastic!

Ive really learned that my campanion has so much knowledge to share with! He is really smart. Ive really grown to love him these past two weeks and i continue to love him for these next four weeks. He has so much to offer.
Then there are sometimes when i really feel like I have somethings to offer to a lesson plan, sometimes he doesnt agree with my opinions.  So ive found ways to implant my ideas into his head, so he thinks they are his ideas but they are really mine... muhaha! We are becoming better tools for the spirit to use to teach in unison!. So we really are doing just fine. 
    The Mind munipulator, Nightwing, Elder James Anderson Cooper :)

Draga family,
Hey, i feel like i havnt talked to any one in years! its really weird haha Its only been a week!  So the first three days of my MTC experience were probably some of the worst days of my life.  That may sound dramatic but that is kinda how i feel looking back.  So last wednesday i arrived things were alright, then it speedly started heading down hill.  Until saturday.  I had so much on my mind, i felt really stressed out. ( I had taught two lesson in Romanian before Sunday)  So things were piling up and i felt super overwhelmed.  Everyone kept telling me that i am not on my time any more and that i was on the Lord's. That never sunk in until Saturday.   I started to feel the comfort of the Holy spirit.  So ever since Saturday things have been gradually getting better.  The first three nights however i spent so much time on my knees just begging heavenly Father to turn something around.  That is when Elder S started acting like himself ( he is our district leader) Any ways he just cracks me up! 

  So our entire district is made up of 6 children of God, 4 Elders and 2 Sisters.  In the entire world currently there are only 6 people in any MTC around the world that are preparing to go to Romania!!.... Until 5 minutes ago, we learned we have another Elder arriving today! Elder Lybbert or something.   in our district we have Elder Brundage ( Daillins friend) ELder Soohkuu, Elder Brown ( my campanion), Sister newell, and sister smith.  That is it :)  Since our district is so small, they put us in the living quarters with the Italians! haha crazy people.  Oh two of the Italians are our Zone leaders.
How the District started, but it wasn't complete until
Elder Lybbert arrived.
So like i said previously, it's been a little rough, but im getting into the swing of things! The Lord pushed me until i couldn't stand it anymore.  Then right at that moment where i was about to lose all hope and throw in the towel, He gave me sight of hope.  I guess the reasons it was so difficult was because I was struggling to connect with anyone, no one seemed real.  The second night of the MTC is when i lost control of my emotions, They let me say the night prayer of our room.  I think in my brain, usually when i had prayed in the MTC, i would start to tear up or cry or something manly like that, and so the muscle memory of that said " oh he is praying, i guess i should make him cry" ) haha so that happened :)  It was alright though and maybe helped the others understand that I'm human. I'm gonna cry out here, it's just gonna be that way.  
The food here actually isnt as good as people say.... but it is prepared after hard meetings and long class lessons so i am so grateful for that. Im hoping as time goes on i will be able to write better emails that are easier to make sense of, i have all these random thoughts haha.
Forgot to say this: During those three days of basically hell, my favorite time of any day was the moment i was able to lay and my bed, and leave the stress of MTC life at the bedside.... also the shower... haha it gets really hot so i sweaty :)

i Love you all with all my Heart!! There is no way i should be any where else.
       Elder James Cooper
Cultural note of the MTC.... hahaha :)
So basically we have these key cards and a normal key to get into buildings.  There is the string externder that clips onto your belt loop.  I guess It is the "in" thing to have. So i bought one :)

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