Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A NEW YEAR 1/6/2014


WOW!  Looking back on this week, there has been many events taken place.  So let's start with new years.  
It was crazy.  Cant believe our mission pres.  said we could stay out and watch fireworks!  He is just the best!  So what ended up happening is we all ( meaning the whole district)  were together all day.  We were able to watch a movie of our choice... so we picked Star Wars :)  The whole day we were also hanging out with G... ( if I havent mentioned him before... let me know.... this man is so  legit! )  G taught us all how to make this Romanian food Sarmale.  It turned out really well, and we had fun doing it.  By the time midnight rolls around, we our outside in the middle of Centru watching the fireworks.  I have never seen a town so shut down, and yet every single person out on the streets you could barely move!  The fireworks were so big and really close to a lot of buildings.  I thought one would catch on fire!  After the fire work show, I found out what they do here.  They take their champagne bottles, and just smash them all over the streets!!  This isnt something that the punk teenage schmeckers do, everyone does it!!  There was glass every where for the entire week!  Then after carefully walking back home, we went to sleep.
Elder Cooper's companion and a Sister in his District :) 
So we had a great lesson this week.  We went over to a less active families house and had a lesson.  We were teaching about the first 4-5 chapters of first Nephi.  It was super fun.  We made these little toy things out of paper, to represent each of the characters from the story, then played with them like they were actually doing the story!  It worked well and the kids loved it... and I loved it!! haha :)  It was really great to see something simple like make all the difference to these kids that have so little.  We let them keep the toys cause they loved them so much! :)
I found a scripture this week that I really love! D&C 63: 20 " Nevertheless, he that endureth in faith and doeth my will, the same shall overcome, and shall receive an inheritance upon the earth when the day of transfiguration shall come"  I just love how it puts those two things together.  If you endure, with faith, and then you do Heavenly Father's will, all will be okay.  You WILL overcome what ever you are facing and you WILL receive the greatest blessings.  It just brought me a lot of comfort this week and just really stood out to me.  This is why I am so grateful you always remind me to " doubt my doubts, before I doubt my faith".  The combination of these two scriptures has really just been great for me to see.  Right now I am just working on remembering to doubt my freakin doubts haha :)  
Okay so you nailed transfers right on the head.  It is this week.  We found out Saturday what was happening.  Then on Wednesday, we make the swop.  I am staying here in Arad to do another transfer!  However Elder M is not.  He is headed to Galati.  My new companions name is elder P.  I am so excited!  From what I hear, he is just an awesome guy.  I called him today to see if he was allergic to cats or something, cause you know, that would be a problem haha
Just the cat that visits sometimes
 He was also the trainer of elder M!!  I love elder M! so Im thinking it is gonna be good! :)  Elder P has been out about as long has Joco has.  So I get to learn a lot from him!  It is gonna be good... maybe not easy, but it will be good :) ( just like you said )
So anyways this week has just been crazy and it wont stop until the end of next weekish.  I am catching a late train to Bucharest tomorrow, where I will spend 12 hours of my life with the rest of the elders from Arad.  We will then arrive in Buc about 5 in the morning.  We will stay there until 12 am to catch our train back to Arad, where elder P and I will spend 12 more hours of our lives.  Then by the end we should be back in Arad by Thursday.  Then he will have to unpack.  So as you can see, a lot is gonna happen this next little bit haha :)
I am really excited for this next transfer!  We will work and play hard!  I am happy that you all had a great time in California!  That place is the Never Land of the real world!  It is the best!  You are seriously the best family ever!  You all make me so happy and help me remember, I am trying to bring other families the great joy that we have!  Love you all so much!!!
    Elder James Anderson Cooper

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