Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Just using the rope on the new companion

Hello :)
Another adventure for P-day!!  Seriously this is like the 5th P-day in a row where we have gone on a legit hike to some ruins or something.  This time we went back over to Lipover.  It wasnt all frozen over this time, so we were able to climb all over it and have a great time.  Elder W bought some rope and we tried to make a rope swing thing from one of the ruin's pillars... it kinda worked haha no one got seriously hurt :)  So ya I am just getting back from that, and now it is time to write.

He loves hiking to the ruins

This week  has been pretty crazy and fun.  So Tuesday night we hop on a train to head to Bucharest.  We get into our little compartment  and get settled in.  We realize that we have six beds and there were only 4 of us.  The train lady comes by and tells us to keep those beds clear,. cause people are coming later.  I was super stoked to meet whoever they were, but turns out, they didnt show up, so we had the place to ourselves :)  Twelve hours later, we are in Bucharest.  I spent the whole day with some great Elders. We basically just walked around Buc and had a grand ol time.  To end the night, we met up with more missionaries and went over to Ruby Tuesdays!!  SO GOOD.  Ok so now I got my new comp elder P, and he is super chill!  He is from Utah, and he has been out a little longer then a year.  Anyways, it is so nice to have a companion from Utah!!  I never thought I would say that.  It is just nice cause our lives before the mission were very similar.  We have a lot in common and get along great!  I am super blessed!!  So that same night we hop on a 23:45 train and head back to Arad.  We fall right asleep after a day of walking all over.  Now 12 hours later we are back in Arad.

So that is how my transfer day went.  Things have been pretty good since.  Nothing much has really happened at all.  I decided with the new year I want to have a theme.  So what I did is spent a couple hours in the scriptures trying to find a verse somewhere that I could make my theme for the year.  There is good news and bad news...  Good news.. I found one! and I really like it!... bad news... in all the hastle of today, I left my planner at home, and dont remember where the scripture is so I cant share it with you yet :/ haha oh well next week :)
I am really excited for this transfer with elder P.  We have already had a lot of fun.  We have messed with the cat a bit, made a lot of pancakes and waffles, and of course contacted.  I think we got a good balance between work and play :)  Just know all is well over here in Romania and things will continue to get even better!  The days seem to be getting warmer.  It seems like it is colder in Utah then it is over here.  Love you all so much!  Thanks for always having my back, and being there for me!! LOVE YA!!
Elder, James Anderson Cooper
ps:  I bought some gray pants!  I will get a pic and show you later!  I love them! 

Elder Cooper and Elder Poulsen

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