Monday, May 19, 2014


Hey guys!

So things have been pretty nuts!  Finished up the week packing and cleaning.  Then of course hopped on our sleeper train down to Bucharest!  It was really weird because of going there and waiting around for my new comp, my new comp, elder Daland, picked me up and showed me to my new place,... and I love it!!  Not to big and not too small.  We will be able to manage it just fine!  We literally live straight across the street from our chapel.  That's right, I typed that correctly, we have a chapel here!!  Pretty insane.  So it basically feels and looks like just another church back from the states.  Also we basically live right on top of a little shop where we can buy a lot of things we need.  So all in all.... I love it here!!

Not gonna lie,  when I first got here I was SUPER overwhelmed.  I was talking to elder Daland just about how things worked here in Buc. I wasnt really ready for the answer.  We have four progressing investigators who we work with constantly.  Before this week was done we had already set up and had planned to meet with 2 of them!  Now I remind you that, that is about as many lessons as I have gotten in a transfer!  Then I found out that we also teach a mission prep class ever Wednesday and Friday.  Also that we have an investigator class that the missionaries have to teach ever Sunday the second hour of church.  On top of all this information, I had to plan for our first district meeting and coordinate a sports night on Friday.  Also the day after transfers the Assistants to the president  called and said they were coming to district meeting!  And then also found out that elder Daland and I have to give a presentation for zone training meeting. So to shortly put it, I was stressing hard core.  But I love elder Daland!  He is such a boss!  This is the only city he has been in, so he knows how things go pretty darn well.  He has helped me out a bunch!  Something that I really learned to do, was to take things one day at a time.  All that stuff that had to been done, most of it, was on different days.  We just broke it down and did it day by day.  So we survived... this week.  It's all gonna start again this next week! haha :)

So ya like I said, Elder Daland is super tight.  He kinda reminds me of Ross from Friends every now and again.  He is from Southern California, and is a massive water polo player!  Like before he left on his mish he was 9th best player in the country!  So he is pretty good at what he does haha  We get along great, and want to work hard.  This is gonna be a good transfer.

The branch is pretty big here.  We had like 25-30 people show up and Daland said it was a super low turn out.  So that is pretty crazy!  It's so different from anything I have had!  It's gonna be good though.

Okay now for something awesome that happened.  So I was trying to take me and Daland home after some contacting, (he is testing me so I can figure out this massive place) And I accidentally took us the wrong way.  We stopped and were about to turn around when a man stopped us who was clearly drunk.  He came over smiling and waddling over.  He then preceded to give us a big burley hug.  He explained that he loves America and hates Russia.  He then forces 100 lei into my hand and says " okay now you are my American friends!" Then makes his way over to a taxi.  The whole time im following him, and explaining that he shouldn't give us the money and that we are missionaries trying so hard to put it in his hands or just give it back to him.  Then he opens a cab door and separates himself from me.  Then explains that he owns a company called Kiss a Frog and asked if I would kiss him!  I said no, and the taxi drove away.... and now we have an extra 100 lei!  Super random and crazy.  We are not sure what we are going to do with it.  We think it is a tender mercy though.  It is getting close to the end of the month, and we are getting really low on money.  So we might dip into that money a bit for food! haha :)

So ya.  Things are super different and prettty great.  We are getting stuff done and enjoying the ride.  I've been able to see how one can lose themselves in the work, when then have all this stuff to do on a normal basis!  I am really excited that I will probably be here for a while.  So much to do and see and not much time to do it!  Love you all so much!  Hope you can have another great week!

Elder Cooper :)

They started this journey together (almost 10 months ago) in the MTC.  It was a great district of wonderful Elders and Sisters who all loved and supported each other.
MTC District reunited during Transfers. First time they've all been together since arriving in the country. What a fun sight. 

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