Monday, May 5, 2014


Hello :)

So this week has been pretty great for me.

"It's been why not an umbrella!"
We had a branch activity at the beginning of the week.  We sat outside and grilled up some mici and some porc!  Havent had any other meat then salami for a while... especially not grilled, so it tasted soooo amazing!  The best part was that members came!!  We talked and mingled and connected more with them and it was just a great day.  I found something I really love out here... Pepsi twist!  I think it is back home as well, but I think it taste better out here!  They also brought this to the branch BBQ so it made me very happy.

At some point this week we ran out of some milk, so we had to run to the store and grab some.  Guess who we ran into again!?  P!  Every since the first time he has been coming to church and English, so he is doing better.  We talked for a bit and then checked out together.  He bought me and DeGraw some sort of Pastry.  "I was thinking to myself, what can I get these two that is a little bit different"  He bought us this breaded popi seed thing.  You know, It didnt taste that bad haha.  Basically it was like pure popi seeds all messed into a mush and spread over bread.  Like I probably wont go out of my way to buy it... but it was P so of coarse I loved it! haha  Oh ya whenever he doesnt come to church, It is my job to water his plants he has at the church... haha :)

Elder Cooper and his favorite gypsy boy. 
This week service went great as usual.  We are really starting to connect with the lady who takes care of all the children at the Gypsy camp.  Next time we go over there she wants us to prepare something to teach the kids out of the bible!  So we are pretty excited to do that.  Poulsen Is going to dress up like Golieth and we are all gonna throw stuff at him!

Okay now tomorrow we are having another activity with the branch.  It's gonna be a late Cinco de maio!!  We are cooking Mexican food and gonna teach everyone the Macarena!  For the spiritual thought we are doing it on putting on your armor of God.  Poulsen has made that armor out of the boxes mom and grandma have sent me :)  We will also be using the nerf guns you sent to represent the fiery darts of the devil!  So Im gonna be the example of not having the armor, and then putting on the armor and being able to block all the fiery darts!  I am pretty stoked!  Itll be fun.  Also we have two American families coming down!!!  Two former sister missionaries are coming to this activity!  It is gonna be a blast!

Cant wait to see all of you in a couple of days!!  I am super excited.  Transfer boards are this Saturday so I find out what next transfer has in store for me before we Skype on Sunday!  Love you all so much!!  Keep being so great and doing your thing!  Try to get some sleep mom I know May is a crazy month!  Everybody take care of her!!! :) Till Sunday!

Elder James 

President and Sister Hill with the District in Arad

"We all love these kids"

"Their ice cream is a lot softer.  But this one tasted just like American in my opinion!  Havent had good chocolate ice cream in a while!... The best part of summer is there is ice cream stands everywhere!  and It is so cheap!  So with how hot it gets here it will be nice!"

"My favorite pen that I found at the beginning of my Arad transfers... Just died.  I barried it in our backyard."

"Why not an umbrella"

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