Monday, April 28, 2014


Hey guys!!

This week has just been smooth and nice.  We were able to get out a lot.  This week we were also able to meet with a member!  It was nice to sit down and have a conversation with someone in Romanian!  Havent had that for a while.  Well actually It was more of DeGraw and the member talking and me actually being able to follow the conversation, but hey whatever :)  We talked to him about family history work.  In our mission they are really trying to push it right now.  It is a tad difficult because of something like their (Romanian) records not being digitalized or something like that.  So they do their work on the paper to wait to get it digitalized.  Eventually it will get going!  Just laying the ground work!

So like I said we were able to get out a lot this week.  We actually were able to contact to places I have never been in Arad!  Crazy cause I've almost been here for half of a year and I thought I knew this place like the back of my hand!  It kinda freaked me out a bit haha Like where am I this isn't Arad.  So ya super good and a lot of walking!

Okay so this is why I love people this week.  There is a certain shop we frequent.  It is this little pastry shop on a corner as you are headed to the church.  The district here goes all the time, because they have this delicious roll stuffed with mashed potatoes!... the best part is... it's only a leu!!  So literally like 30 cents!  So this particular time we went and decided to get something different, to be more specific we got sweet cheese rolls (super good!)  after we purchased and were about to head out, she told me to wait as she heads to the back room.  She then comes out with two potato rolls for me and DeGraw for free!  Then told us to have a good day!  It's just one of those things that makes you just love people.  :)  And now we have friends!! haha ;)

Elder Cooper and Elder DeGraw
We were not able to meet up and have the lesson we had planned on.  A little bit of miss communication, and the plans completely changed.  He wants us to come over this week, so WE WILL this week!  It will be good WHEN it happens haha :)

Okay so I dont know if I told any of you this but I found my "spirit animal"  Way back when elder Whitehead was here, he took us "on the Journey".  In the MTC a Polynesian elder gave the ability to take people on their journeys to elder Whitehead... haha  So mine is a Hippo :) haha  There is a lot of details about how I found it... so Ill have to tell ya later or something.  So ya elder DeGraw wanted to find his, so we have done a lot of meditation this week!  Turns out, it is really good for you.  Ya it's been fun :)  His was an armadillo and switched to a tiger!  Crazy stuff!

Today we went to Lipova!  I have now been four times haha :)  it is a super cool place.  Me and elder Poulsen climbed up a little tower place and just went tanning for about an hour while the others who hadn't gone explored a bit... I am burnt and it feels so good!!  Getting rid of all those missionary tan lines! :)

Hey thanks for being so great!  I love you all!  It makes me so happy to hear you are all doing well and happy. Know that I am doing great as well.  The work here is slow... but IT'S HERE.  Have a great week!  


Elder Cooper #2

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