Tuesday, April 15, 2014


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Looking back at the events that took place at the beginning of the week, seems like forever ago!  We had our Zone training meeting this past Tuesday.  Elder Poulsen and Priece did a great job and really packed a punch in there for me.  I guess they just really helped me find this desire to share the Book of Mormon with others. Okay every missionary has that desire, but it was a tad bit deeper for me.  My testimony has been strengthened and it feels great.  I really just want people to read this book.  I know it's true and I know it contains answers that people need to hear.  If people could just set aside their pride or whatever it may be and pick up this book and read from it I know it would help them.  It is just a consistent sturdy handle to hold on to while the whirl winds of life go on.  So ya I love the Book of Mormon!  I used to always think "earlier in the mish life"  That when I would have feelings like this, or this new excitement about some gospel topic it meant that I was just barely gaining a testimony on the matter.  Might be the case for some things here and there, but it has been good for me to remember that a testimony can grow!!  Just because that excitement wasn't really there before doesn't mean I didnt have a testimony then!  I really feel like I am just growing "line upon line, precept upon precept"  (something one of the big boys said in conference somewhere haha)  I really dont know if that makes any sense over writing.  Oh well just know if nothing else that my testimony has been strengthened a lot this week.
So we were able to watch and finish all the conference this week!  I am super glad I didnt miss the Sunday sessions cause they was good!  I really really like L. Tom Perry.  He is just so down to earth I feel.  This time around I was just able to appreciate what he was saying a lot more.  Not that i wasnt appreciating what he was saying before... and just really enjoy his stuff now :)  And he is a giant!  and I dont know if you were watching at the end of priesthood session, but he totally gave bones to elder Bednar!  haha so ill!!

Also this week I was able to see a little miracle.  So there has been this member here that has been missing for two months!  No one had seen or heard from him for that long.  I loved this guy, he came to English sometimes, and was just the sweetest little old man ever.  Well Elder DeGraw and I were just doing our thing and contacting. 
Throughout the path of contacting time we had set a side, here and there we were like hey let's stop at this store real quick and grab a snack for later.  We get around and are looping back around to our apartment a little later then we had planned.  As we were walking down the street guess who we saw!?  Yep that member that had been missing for soo long!  We were able to stop and chat with him for a while and see how he was doing.  He is doing fine, just gets pretty sick when he is out walking, which explains the no church show.  He then came to church last Sunday, which is awesome!  It really just amazes me how the Lord works.  What if we hadn't stopped at the store and delayed us just a bit?  We might have been too fast and totally missed our friend!

Oh ya... had to give a talk in church again... it's okay.  After I got done speaking the first councilor got up and said something like, the missionaries are so brave to come here and speak in a foreign language.  Even though sometimes we cant understand everything they are saying, I know we can learn from the spirit... haha so... it is possible no one understood what I was saying for the 20 minutes I was talking!  haha oh gosh!!  Hopefully, someone got something.

Anyways Know that I love all of you!  Thanks for doing your part back there in good ol' Utah.  Thanks for being there for me and for supporting me through the ups and downs.  I defiantly feel the prayers and know they are helping me!  LOVE YOU ALL!!!


E l d e r  J A M E S  A N D E R S O N     C O O P E R

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