Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Some of the "original" District - Going to miss them.

Well it is the end of another transfer.  I am going to be staying here in Arad for a 4th and with Elder DeGraw for a 2nd.  Elder Whitehead and Sora Bird are leaving, which will be kinda weird.  They are the ones who came into Arad with me, so we were all like the senior veterans in Arad, and now it is just me.  But not really cause Elder Poulsen will be staying here along with Sora Bynum so everything is not changing completely haha

Elder Cooper's companion Elder DeGraw

Nothing has really happened with G.  He is an interesting guy.  We havent met with him for a while.  I hope this next week we can.  It is so weird out here.  For all the time we have for contacting... it seems like there is never time to do anything else?  I know missionary work isnt always knocking doors or hitting the street, there is always just little things that pop up everywhere that makes things difficult. 

I’m going to be honest and tell you that I have been kinda frustrated. Its been a tough week. Sometimes I struggle with a purpose or I really feel so insignificant out here.  All missionaries have their purpose, which is to invite others to come unto Christ, but I dont get to do that much.  I really just need to find my deeper purpose you know?  So I think I got my question for General conference :) I can’t wait to watch!  And there is a purpose to everything right?  I have been relying a lot of Heavenly help, it’s how I make it each and every day.
Relying on Heavenly help 

We go help at a service place every Wednesday.  It is basically a place Gypsies go. (dont know if I have told you about Gypsies?)  So a lot of times we play with kids or sort cloths... that type of thing... that is always fun to do :)  Just to tell you a little about them, gypsies are all really poor.  and the worst part is, they dont care... and most of them wont do anything to try and fix it.  The law actually kinda protects them... and they dont plan on trying to make their situations any better.... it really is sad how much people look down and talk bad about them...

So Easter is coming up, I think it is on the 20th of April here.  I guess it is a pretty big deal here... so I am excited to see what happens.

Nothing much else to say for this week.  Just a lot of contacting and preparing for transfers and what not.  We actually ran into a man on the streets the other day while contacting.  He recognized the white shirt and ties. (he has 3 Books of Mormon and I think has met with the missionaries before) He stopped us and wanted help with something.  He wouldnt tell us what exactly and just told

us to come over at 5 the following day.  So the next day rolls around and we are looking for his house.  The  place that he gave us directions to was weird.  There was a lock on the outside of the door and it had a broken window.  We knock and wait for a while, and nothing happens.  Hopefully we will see him again, because we werent able to find him this week!

We are gonna be doing a lot of planning for next transfer soon.  So I think we will talk about and get our focus in gear and stuff :)  It can just be so hard sometimes cause everyone takes things so casual sometimes... its something I didnt think I would have to deal with in my mission, but its okay.  Time to get to work.

So ya :)  Love you all so much.  Thanks for being there for me and being the people you are! Keep praying and doing good things! :) Pray for the people in Romania. have a good week!

Elder James

 Note: So basically in this mission you WILL buy cloths... if you care about style or looks even in the slightest.  There are soooo many extra white sleeve shirts in every single apartment you go to, because missionaries just ditch them!  It is really nice to bring at least two different normal out fits.  You will loose weight so take that into account.  The rules on suits have changed, so technically you only have to wear them to church meetings and interviews and stuff like that.  I have never worn a suit contacting.  Also feel free to bring out whatever color slacks you want basically, as long as it isnt to bright and crazy.  Right now with President Hill, we can listen to ANY music we want, only if we your comp agrees, and you can feel the spirit.  So bring any music you feel is appropriate.  Also, bring USB sticks or something to throw a ton of pictures/movies/music on.  Missionaries love doing that here.  Bring USB that has good storage.

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