Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Alright another week down. :)  I can't believe this is the last week before transfers!  Wasn't that like a week ago?

 New suit
This week we went on exchanges.  I got to go with elder Poulsen!  It was crazy, it was like we were still companions haha  What we had planned for the day, ended up not happening at all!  We basically had a day full of contacting besides district meeting.  Ended up we got to go to a funeral.  One of our members dad just barely passed away.  It was sad for him and everything, but it wasnt unexpected.  So the whole day we were doing stuff to help the member, and attending the funeral and things like that.  It was an awesome experience and really showed me a lot more about their culture.  At the funeral we were able to connect more with the member, who is stellar by the way, and talk to a lot of less actives that I have never seen or met before.  I really think it could've helped remind some of them that we are still here, still normal, and welcoming.  It was just great to be able to talk to people who we have been missing for a while.

So within this day we were constantly with our second councilor/ missionary help guy... Edy... he is a drummer.. :)  So we had a day of SYLing ( speaking your language )  That side of things were a little rough.  So what happened was I was being really hard on myself.  I was getting really frustrated and just kinda turned off.  I went about doing everything with a smile and still tried..but if I'm honest I was frustrated.  We ended up going to the funeral's "after party"  And we were surround by Romanian conversation... and although it was fine I didn’t feel completely comfortable.  As we get up and leave, I was just defeated.  The elders and Edy all got up and walked out the door and I was following, when I was stopped by a baba ( Grandma/old lady)  I found myself not able to rely on anyone and it was all up to me talk to this lady because she really wanted to talk to me. She asked me a couple of questions, and I just answered her and we talked for a bit.  After that was through, I took a minute and realized I just did that. haha I get those moments every once in a while.  At times it can still be crazy to me the situation I am in haha :)  So I have found the language is difficult when I'm trying too hard, but when I can let the spirit help me, I'm just fine.  I am glad I have had some situations that have helped me see that I need to give myself just a little more credit.

On Sunday we were a little later arriving to church then normal.  There was this man in a mechanical wheelchair with a lady on a bicycle next to him in the middle of the street.  Turns out this man's wheelchair battery had died, and he was stuck in the middle of the street!  So we go up and ask if we can help them out.  We ended up pushing this man down the street and let me tell ya, those wheels did not want to turn!  It was a great work out before church haha.  We wheeled this man to saftey and asked if we could help further.  they said no and thanked us for our help.  We gave them a pass along card and left to go to church.  I just love those little moments of service that are all over!  It really just helped my Sabbath be that much better.  It seems whenever I get a little focused on myself, something like that is thrown at me to help remind me why I am here.  Serving someone else is the best way to think outside yourself! :)

Everything over here is going pretty well.  Really can't believe it is almost transfers again.  Who knows what will happen.  Kinda an antsy week comin up :)  No matter what is coming up this next transfer, it's gonna be good for me.  The peace I find from the "unknown" of transfers, is the fact that the Lord is behind it.  I am going to experience exactly what I need to next transfer.  The Lord doesn't make mistakes and there is a reason for all He does.  So whether it will be a little tougher or more uncomfortable transfer I will always have that knowledge in the back of my head. :)

Gosh I hope everyone can heal up!  Sounds like people are just getting hurt left and right haha :)  but really super legit Sam tried to go for 3 front flips!  Keep flippin Sam!  Hope everyone has a good calm next week with all they have to do.  Know that I love you all so much!  You're are the perfect family for me and help me out in more ways then you can even konw! Love ya!!

Elder James :)
PS. I love my new European Suit!  

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