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DO SOMETHING! (3/3/2014)

March 3, 2013 (the blog is finally caught up)

Okay, My week
Just so you know I got the packages the other day in the mail!!  Best ever!!  Haha really funny package.  I love the slippers!! They rule!

Okay so we had our zone training this week.  Me and elder D had to give a presentation on professionalism.  I think it went fairly well.  haha I dont know, the point got across and they understood, so that's good right?  Have I ever told you how much I just hate being in front of people.  I am learning to get used to it a lot more out here cause it is required of you from time to time.  I learned, and was built up a ton by this training meeting. 
Something cool we talked about:  We dont just keep holding on to the spirit, we gotta keep reaching and grabbing for it.  It is a constant thing we have to work for.   It is good for me to be reminded of this.  Just gave me an extra boost to keep striving for the spirit, and to not become complacent or lazy with it.  So this kinda led me to another point that I am going to start doing... that is just doing.  It is the time to do!  Through out a lot of my life and a lot of my time out here, I feel I have done more time asking then doing.  I have come to find out, Sometimes the Lord just expects you to make the best choice you can and then just DO SOMETHING.  So, that is just one more thing I am going to try to add on to all those other things I am trying haha. 
Okay so also a cool little thought.  The spirit knows the best way you learn.  The things we go through and the way the spirit communicates with you is because the spirit knows, that IS the best way for you to learn.  It's hard to see it sometimes.  Sometimes I feel I would learn better a different way, but then I have to remember that there is a great mind at work.  So ya, there are a couple of scattered spiritual thoughts of this week haha.  Hope it kinda made some sense.
We have had a lot of contacting this week.  Me and Elder D have been all about getting out, and trying to find people.  Not that me and my other companions havent, we've just set a lot of specific goals this transfer to make sure we are pushing to the limit.  Always with contacting there comes great stories.  This week we were contacting down Centru.  Just a normal stroll contacting people as we go, when we hear this really high pitched bark.  We just assume it is a dog or something and continue.  We get a little farther down the street when we hear it again.  This time it came from in front of us.  So we hear the barking a couple more times when finally we pin point where it is coming from.  As we are looking we see the older man (in his 70's probably ) jogging.  He is wearing short shorts with a legit runners top, and barking as he is running!  haha what?!  We are kinda interested so we follow him for a bit ( in a total un-stalkerish way)  He gets to the pri maria (the main building in centru where the most people are ) and he just stops.  Not two minutes stopped when he gets on his head and arms!! 
So seriously we are looking at this 70 year old man doing a head stand in the middle of centru!!  That's not all he does, after a solid 5 minutes of really impressive balancing... he starts doing bicycle pedals up side down!!  So of course me and my companion stop and sit on a bench so we can monitor this and see how long he can go for.  This man goes for 15 minutes on his head!!  The most legit thing I have seen! haha :)  as we got up to leave he walked past me and barked right in my face. haha gosh you gotta love people! :)
So that is kinda it for this week.  My letters will be getting better, just for the record... Im gonna keep better tabs on the weeks.  So ya.  Love you all!!  Keep being so amazing and strong!!
Elder James Cooper
Elder Cooper! (one more paintballing outfit)

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