Monday, March 17, 2014


Surprise!  We had another change of plans so I actually get to write today.

Ok "nu va suparati" but I left my little note book back at the apartment, so this letter will be straight from memory... haha :)

So this week I got hit by a bicyclist... :) we were just walking straight down to centru, when out of NO WHERE the bicyclist FLIES by and hits the left side of my body.  No worries neither of us lost our balance and fell or anything, but it was not a pleasant feeling Ill tell ya that.  Usually when the bicyclist are riding by, they ring there little bells they have to let everyone know to clear a path... this particular man for some reason didn't seem to think he needed to.  That is the one thing I thought I had was the trust from the people that they would ring their bells when they were coming, and then I watched as that trust was shattered into pieces as the bicyclist nailed my precious left side of the body with his very heavy metal bike.  For the rest of the day I was constantly checking my back and every time a bicyclist would pass I would flinch. It kinda through of my day. ;) haha

I also had a very great experience this week.  We were walking from point A to point B and contacting on the way.  We were walking down a stretch of sidewalk, when I see a lady coming down our way.  It was one of those moments were I was just like " you know, even if she doesn't want it, I feel like she will let someone else know a bit about us"  So I go up and hand her a Sunt Mormon ( I am Mormon ) pass along card.  She takes it, and then actually wanted to have a conversation!  It just turned into a great contact and I can see this lassy becoming an investigator down the road. The whole thing was just really guided by the spirit.  It is awesome when you can look back and see clearly where the spirit prompted you to do something.

Alright so the reason I thought my whole schedule would be a little offf was because they decided to have zone conference today.  We were planning on just moving P-day to Wednesday, but decided to do half and half.  Thus I am doing the writing home half right now:)  During the zone conference they really really focused on stepping up a little more. I bet if you ask any one else there, they would say something different, but for me personally
Time to step up!
that really stood out.  Now that usually means that's what you gotta work on if it sticks out to you like that.  So I got some stepping up to do.  It was a really good SHOVE in the right direction.  I guess from being here in Arad for a while I might have become a little complacent.  It's not even like I have necessarily been doing anything wrong at all, it could just be that I am not progressing either way.  It was just a great reminder to keep pushing yourself to do what you know to be right.  To not justify slightly curved choices and keep them straight and narrow.  Because before you know it, those little slightly curved choices will eventually turn into a freakin half circle and you could be going the wrong way! :) haha so ya it was a good zone conference... long... but good... for me. :)

A week from Friday the new transfer boards will be out and it will be another transfer in the bag!  Time is just on steroids lately.  Anyways, thanks for being my family haha :)  You guys truly give me the support that is well needed out here.  So thank you for being you.  I love you all so much!  I hope you have a stupendous week! :)

Elder Tiago/Nightwing/Cooper/James

PS. No lesson with G :/ Maybe this week.

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