Tuesday, March 11, 2014

THE PROTECTOR (3/10/2014)

Goodness, this week has been nuts!... Looking back on past letters... that is a common way to describe my weeks.  The days sometimes just blur together and if it wasnt for nightly planning, I would lose track of which day it was.

Ok so this past Tuesday we started English class again.  English classes end the Saturday before transfers, and begin again a week or two right after the transfer starts.  So this week me and elder D were walking to go teach our English class.  We get down the road a bit when this lady asks us if we will walk this kid to the end of the street.  I am a little confused at first but it's no big deal, so we walk with him.  We get about half way down the road when I see these group of kids behind a car.  The kid starts saying something like "these are the kids! these are the kids!"  Still a little confused, we continue walking.  We get up to where the kids were hiding behind the car, when they jump the kid we are walking with!!  We pull them off and separate the little brawl.  At this time the group of 4 kids were shouting stuff at us like” we need to get him back".  The kid we’re with then shouts back " I already told you it wasnt me!"  Then the kid takes off and tries to run (me and Elder D were standing between him and the rest of the kids) so one of the kids runs around the car and tackles the kid to the ground and starts kicking him!  I get over there first and get the kid off of him.  It really just clicked in that moment that these kids were legitimately trying to beat the crap out of him (at first, like I said, I thought they were all just little punks messing around) I yell at the kids to stop and to "run like thieves" (Romanian saying)  I started approaching the kids and they started running.  So we decided to walk the kid all the way home because the “angry” kids were following behind us the whole way home.  I am just glad we decided to leave to English class a little early that day.  But rest assured everyone is just fine.  We saw “him” again later that week, and he just came up and starting chatting with us.  He is just a stud kid!

 So the week continues and we have a lesson with G!  The lesson went great and we invited him to come to church.... and he came!!  It is officially the first progressing investigator I have had! :)  It was really funny sitting next to him during church.  He brought a candy bar for us to share during the first meeting haha  ( he actually ended up eating the whole thing, but hey, its the thought that counts!)  He was able to meet a couple of the members and really connected with one of them.  We are hoping to have a member lesson with him this week.  SO great week with G.

We also had the opportunity to give a member a blessing this week.  She has been going through a lot of stuff lately and hasnt been to church the entire time I have been here in Arad.  It was just a great reminder to me of how much I love the priesthood.  She wasn't able to come to church this past Sunday because she is pretty sick, but she is going to come this next Sunday, I just know it!  I am glad I had the opportunity to do that this past week.  It always just feels great when you are able to exercise the priesthood.  In this mission specifically we arent able to a bunch, so it was just nice :)

So that is my week in a nutshell :)  I love you all so much!  I hope you can allrealize how much God has blessed us.  When you take a look at the little things, it is just amazing to see how much we are truly blessed!  Hope you all have a great week!  LOVE YOU!!

Love, Elder James
 Ps:  Next P-day is gonna be weird... meaning it might not be on Monday, just a heads up :)

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