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LOVING AND DOING (2/17/2014)

Where they sleep on the "Sleeper Train"
FEBRUARY 17, 2014

Hallways of the "Sleeper Train" 
So my brain is weird.... and I think I might have memory problems...  haha.  I didnt write in my journal Tuesday or Wednesday and looking back at those days... I dont remember a single thing!  It is like those days just vanished!!  But good thing I wrote some stuff down through out the rest of the week! :)

Transfer boards came out this Saturday!  I am staying here to do a third transfer in Arad.  Elder Poulsen is going Zone leader!  So he will still be here, right across the street with elder W.  My new companions name is elder D.  Super excited!!  Me and elder W decided that since we are going into our third transfer in the same city, we will switch apartments, to kinda mix things up for us a bit.  So I am packing and moving across the street! haha  That is basically what is happening.  So tomorrow we have to catch a train at 18:42 to Timisora take an hour ride there, take a two hour lay over there, then hop on a sleep train to Bucarest!  Ill get there at about 7:30 and then leave that same day at midnight back to Arad!  It is gonna be a nuts couple of days coming up :)

I have had some pretty great moments this week.  Gosh this transfer, I just feel like I have grown so much. I have been taught a lot by a great companion and by Heavenly Father.  So we were just having a normal day the other day just contacting and being missionaries you know.  We get a call from our hairdresser lady and she says she has to move elder Poulsen's appointment back to 19:00  So now we have a blank spot in our schedule which is never
A few Pdays have been spent at the Lipova Castle ruins.
good.  After about ten minutes after the call we get another one.  It is from our branch Presidant and he needs us at the church right this instant!  So we rush over to the church and elder Poulsen takes care of some branch work, and I practice the Piano :)  Then 19:00 is rolling up and it is looking like we are gonna be super late for the appointment.  Then something happened that usually never happens... He offered to give us a ride! haha It was great.  So everything worked out and we weren't late to anything.  Looking back at something simple like that always makes me happy, because I can defiantly see the Lord's hand in it.  He helped us get done the things that we needed to that day.
You have to climb and work to get to where you want to be.
So with this next transfer coming up, I have a couple things I want to work on. A couple of them are:  Loving them, loving it, and loving where I am.  So the "them" is the people of Romania, the loving "it" is the language and the "where I am " is obvious love what city I am in, and love my situation.  I decided as bad as some situations are, you can try your best to love it for what it is worth.  If it is tough, love it for the fact that it is making you grow and helping you be better.  So that is what I want to work on this transfer.  I am starting down the path to love!  In wanting to start this, it has really helped solidify something in my head.  It is never to late to start now.  This is a concept we have talked somewhat about.  I have been taking a look back at the missionary I am now, and seeing things that I still dont have. (still getting over the fact that the mission doesnt automatically change you haha )  I had a funky moment this week when it kinda got me down.  I was thinking other missionaries younger then me already have this, why dont I?  Then it hit me.  Well have you been working on it?  Durt dee durt!! haha you got to work on the things you want to get better at :)  So I have decided to start working on some things.  I think also this next transfer it is another opportunity to work on, doing things on my own.  Not waiting for the moment when I am the senior companion, or the district leader, and just stepping up now, and do the things that will help me and the people.  So it is gonna be good :)

I dont know if I have told you all yet, but I have eaten cow stomach... haha anyways, this week we had some cow heart!  I will probably eat every part of a cow by the time I get home haha :)  The cow heart was really not that bad, I would do it again in a heart beat!.... (haha) but the stomach was not that good at all.  Another thing I have experienced this week.  The proprietors (apartment owners)  when they come over to fix things, sometimes you might get one who likes to work in his speedo!!  haha I totally respect them for it!  It was so funny this week.  One came over to work on some stuff in the bathroom.  I was walking by and at first glance I thought he was naked!!  It was a great relief when I actually saw the speedo on haha :) So there is some random info for y'all.
There is my week for all of you!  I hope everything is going great back at home and everyone is recovering the best they can!  Love you all so much and know that you are in my prayers!! Love you all!

James Coops

PS. I found a great scripture that has been helping me a bit.  D&C 90:24
"Search diligently, pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good, if ye walk uprightly and remember the covenant wherewith ye have covenanted one with another."  I love the scriptures!

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