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Elder Cooper and his companion
So this week started off with a sick elder G.  I got a lot of good studies in so it was kinda nice.  It was actually really weird, I finished my studies and stuff at 11, and then thought.... well now what.... I guess I can study some more! haha  Eventually I just couldn't read another word, so I decided to make something!  I made some no-bake cookies and they actually turned out half way decent.  I accidentally made too many, so I gave the district some.  I'm starting to become a sister missionary! ;) haha  but for reals, it was kinda nice to have a day to kinda get caught up mentally.  So for as much as it sucked to be stuck inside all day, it was good. :)

This week was just filled with a lot of busy work I feel like.  We were able to meet with some members which is always great.  We helped out A fill out some of his mission papers.  He is going to be leaving soon and it is super exciting!  He is the kid about my age who we have been teaching mission prep to ever since I have been here.  His mom kinda reminds me of you mom!  She is just an awesome lady!  So I like to talk with them.

We also spent some time helping out the senior couples here in Bucharest.  We went with elder N ( The office manager for our misison ) to the bank to help him figure out some stuff.  The office elders were gone and he wanted some people to go with him.  For our "troubles" he gave us some Ron to go get some lunch!  Elder G took me to this traditional Moldovan restaurant.  It was pretty awesome.  Also this week we took the Smiths (the senior couple in my district) to Care-cu bere.  It is a traditional Romania restaurant, and we really got to know them better.  I had to do a lot of translating because they dont know a whole ton of Romanian yet.  It was really good for all of us.  This week has kinda saved my budget a bit.  I was running kinda low on MSF for this month, and since I had two meals paid for me this week, I should be able to make it to the end of July with the money I have! haha  so miracles all over the place!

Now I want to tell you about a cool story that just happened today.  Well actually it starts a couple of weeks ago with the Smiths.  So they were flying in to Romania, and they got talking to a lady.  They talked for the entire flight over here just about normal stuff I guess.  They became pretty good friends, but were not able to exchange any information.  This lady was worried that when the Smith's landed, they would not be able to find the people to pick them up.  So she was kinda taking care of them.  They said no worries they will just be dressed like us!  So they parted ways, and now it brings us to today. 
We went on a tour of this huge building called Palatul Parlamentului or castle poporului, and guess who we saw there?!  The same person the Smiths talked with on the plane.  Her name and guess where she is from.... THE NETHERLANDS! 
Jonathon - the other Elder Cooper
who is currently serving the the
Belgium/Netherlands Mission. 
So I got talking with her a bit and told her about Jonathon of course.  She gave us her email and I just gave it to him today!  A referral from clear across Europe!  She promised, whether it be to Jonathon or other mormon missionaries, that she will let them in and cook them some food.  She leaves for the Netherlands tomorrow, so I guess we will see what happens!  The Lord works in mysterious, yet fantastic ways!  This also reminded me of my plane ride over here to Romania,and how I gave a book of Mormon to a Dutch airline lady.  Just sending all the people to my brother! haha :)
Kambree Lynn

So that is about it for the week.  Hanging in there doing the work day by day.  The days really do mesh together!  And Ash, Kambree is so cute!!!  Can't wait to meet her! :) Love you all!!  Thanks for just being flat out amazing!  :)

Elder Cooper


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