Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Last Monday seems like a month ago!  The days went fairly fast this week, but looking back... it has only been a week!

We were back and forth at the doctors this week.  This time not for the others in my district, but for my companion.  However this time, it wasnt at 3 in the morning.  It was the civilized way where you make an appointment and go during the day.  He has what all men fear to have.... Kidney stones!  So with us going to the doctors a couple times and him being sick, it has just been an interesting week.  We took care of all the appointments and so now I think we just gotta wait.

This week we were able to have a lesson with a potential investigator!  It was actually super sick.  Last transfer Elder D and I taught medium level English and he was in our class.  He came to us and wanted to do, what we call 30 30's.  It's where we spend 30 minutes teaching him English and then the other 30 minutes teaching him the gospel.  So initially he wanted to do this.  Then he came to that activity we had on the 28th where we watched the restoration and stuff.  He came up to me after and I asked if he still wanted to do the 30 30's.  He said " Im going to England at the beginning of August, I can learn English there.  I just want to learn more about the gospel"  Super crazy!!  So we set a time and we met up with him.  He is a great guy, with a million questions.  I am so grateful for elder G
because he is able to communicate with him so well.  We are going to meet with him again this week!

Also this week, men came and fixed our roof finally!  Now we dont have a water damaged ceiling with water dripping down!  Random thought, just thought I would share :)

Now for a bit of a story.  So here in Romanian, Bucharest specifically, we have huge parks all over that we go and contact people.  This week we were going to go district contacting for English because our classes start on the 8th.  So elder G and I get there early and are talking to people.  We end up on this bench talking with a couple people.  Elder G was eating sunflower seeds and naturally, the shell goes on the ground right?  Well after a while of eating them there was a little pile by his feet.  Sooner then later the BGS (private security for the park) comes up and gets mad at G for making a mess.  They get in a little argument and so the BGS call the real police. 
We wait around for a while and a police officer shows up.  Basically we were there for about an hour talking to them and G left there with a fine for eating sunflower seeds!!  Now I'll tell you the back round story.  The BGS dont like Missionaries.  We go contacting there all the time, and they tell us that we cant and we have to leave.  President Hill checked and it is 100% legal to hand out flyers there.  So Pres Hill told us to take down their name and badge number of anyone who tells us we have to leave.  So missionaries have been doing this and continuing to contact there.  Our guess is that this BGS guard was really sick of us and so he tried to catch us on any little thing he could.  It's really frustrating having to deal with this type of stuff, but it's all worth it and we must continue to be kind. 

Overall it was a week filled with Treabă.  Between doctor appointments, lessons, and trying to figure out where to pay for this ticket, we were all over the place!  I am exhausted, but that is a good thing... because then I sleep good. :)

So president Ivory is here and kickin it as our new mission president.  He is really young, energetic, and just ready to go.  We have our zone conference with him this Wednesday where we will find out a lot of things that will be changing in our mission.  "Things will be changing."  It is kinda stressful not knowing what will change and stuff, but I trust elder P and he tells me all will be well.  So, it will be good, I will just have a lot to write about next week I bet.

Picture at the MTC
Schuyler now!
Hey Happy Birthday Schuyler!!  I cant believe it you are 17!  That is so old!   I hope you had great birthday.  It sounds like you have been having a lot of fun. That's good, keep it up!   Want

you to know I love you and am sorry I couldn't be there for this birthday of yours!  Maybe next time ;)  You are such a great example to those around you and like Joco said, no one better to be the oldest brother in the house right now.  Thanks for taking care of Sam and helping Mom and Dad with all their busy work!  You're the man!

Love you all so much!  Hope you have a great week!

Elder Cooper

 PS:  In the summer time, bed bugs come out to play!  We have this spray called permethrin.  We are supposed to spray it on our beds and cloths if we fill like we have bed bugs.  Just so happens that I think I got them!  You just wake up with red bumps almost like mosquitoes bites.  Kinda stinks haha

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