Monday, June 30, 2014


Hello everyone!

So glad I took notes on the day to day this past week, because it has been absolutely nuts!

To start off, we had transfers.  You would think being in Bucharest would make them a little easier on yourself.  Nope!  haha  We had elders at our house Sunday to Wednesday night!  Our apartment has room for about four elders including me and my comp.  So it was a mad house with 5-6 of us consistently there.  So when Wednesday arrived, I was already a little wiped out.  On Wednesday I went to the Dentist with elder S from my MTC district.  He chipped a tooth, so he came down and I went with him.  Straight after that, we went to Ruby Tuesday's to celebrate elder M birthday!  It was pretty fun and a good way to kinda end the rein of our amazing district!  After this, we just went to the gara and talked with all the missionaries and stuff like that, And that was basically it for Wednesday.  Met up with elder G, and took him home.

Things are going pretty well so far.  However it is exhausting!  I have to be thinking in Romanian, and trying to figure out how to say things constantly.  So this is going to be great for my language skills!  But ya, we are getting along, and I really like him!  He is teaching so much about the culture and everything, it is going to help a lot down the road.  So there is the update on that.

Alright, I had a great birthday over here!  I got the package a couple days before my birthday so it was like perfect timing!  I woke up to an elder G, half asleep, trying to sing happy birthday to me in English.  He knows a little English, but not much.  It was great. Alright, since the beginning of May, the branches in Buc have been advertising for an activity for the 28th.  We've been handing out flyers and trying to get people to come and see what we are all about.  We watched the restoration in segments, and in between we sang hymns.  It amazes me how no matter how much I think I love and have a strong testimony of Joseph Smith, it can still grow and expand by leaps!  I love Joseph Smith so much and am so grateful for the sacrifices and endurance he had.  Cant wait for the day where I can personally thank him, and give him hug and try to show him how grateful I am for him.  He is one of my heroes.  After the activity, I had the chance to use the Melchizedek priesthood.  I was able to give someone in my district a blessing.  So half way through the day, and I've done two things I love, Learn more about Joseph Smith and use the priesthood :) Then we all took our lunch our and went out to eat!  The best Sharma I have ever had is here, so we went there to eat.  Elder W is now serving on the other side of Bucharest and so he came with us out to eat.  It was great to see him again!  He is training again.  Elder L or something like that.  He is super cool and me and him hung out for a bit.  So we all sat down and ate a great sharma together.  That basically concludes the adventure of my 19th birthday.  Oh, on the way to sharma place, there was a Turkish festival/ parade going on!  It felt like they were celebrating my birthday haha.

Now Imma tell you about the real adventure we had this week.  three nights ago, I get a call at 1:50 am from the sisters.  Turns out one of them rolled over on the phone and accidentally called us.  I was up though cause I thought something was wrong so I called them back.  Being the district leader, you have to make sure that everyone is home and safe and the end of the night, and if for any reason something is not okay, they are supposed to call me and me and my comp have to go over there to see what's up.  So that is where my head jumped to, but it was nothing.  Then.  Then two nights ago, we get a call at 1:30 AM from the other pair of sisters.  I thought I was dreaming and i didnt really know what was going on.  One of the sisters was really really sick, so she called us to go over and give her a blessing.  So we threw some cloths on hoped in a taxi and were at there house by 2 AM.  We gave her a blessing, and then called Sora Hill.  She told us to take her to the ER and so we did.  We brought her there and we were there until 4:30 AM.  We took them back home, and then we took another taxi and got back home around 5 or 5:30.  Everything is fine now, and she is doing better, but it was quite the adventure.  That morning we had church.  Elder G and I had to still prepare to teach the second hour of church, and he also had to give a talk.... we were so dead. haha but we survived!  Then that Sunday night, we get a call at about 10:20 pm.  This time it is the sister's companion!  She got the same thing her companion had, and so we went over there and gave her a blessing.  So to sum it up, our schedule is whacked! haha.  My body is tired when it shouldn't be and awake when it shouldn't be!  It really is just a great story and me and elder G bonded over our traveling all over the place.  He would also say "AFTER HOUR!" with his Romanian accent haha it was really funny.  But ya that is the real adventure for the week!

So it is official.  President Hill is gone, and President Ivory is here and now presiding over the mission.  He seems great and I'm sure has good ideas for the mission. All is well. 

That is it for this week!  Love you all so much!  I hope you are all doing well and having some fun!  Talk to ya next week!
Elder Iacov Dogar



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