Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hey er'budy

This week has gone by super quick, which is kinda weird cause it was super rainy on and on.  Kinda makes talking to people on the street rough, but what can ya do?! 

So at the beginning of this week brother L took all the district to lunch!  He is from South Korea and his work moved him here for some reason.  He speaks only a little English, but we are able to make conversation.  Anyways... I love this man!  He took us to a real nice place.  PIZZA HUT!  So nice here!  You sit down, and these high trained waiters come over and it is just like a fancy dinner.  After Pizza he took us to McDonalds for some ice cream!  He is just a very generous guy.  I feel like me and him are already pretty close, so that is good :) 

We then met with R again a couple times this past week.  He was doing good, just has some stuff to work through.  Robi has a pretty crazy story.  Hes a refuge from Serbia.  He speaks Arabic, Romanian, and English.  He has experienced a lot of things in his life over in Serbia, and has done a lot of healing over here in Romania.  His mom is over in Egypt working to help support him over here.  ( He came to Romania because it is the cheapest place to do medical stuff.)  So he has a lot going on, and dont want to rush things.  So there is an update on him.

We also met with G and M!  They are doing so great!  In fact they came to church this past week and told us that they know they need to get baptized!!!!  We were going to try and do it this Saturday cause that is what we thought we be good for them, but it is looking like we will being doing it on the 21st of this month!  So crazy to me how every one is progressing so well.  They are just the cutest older couple every.  They just make me smile every time I see them.  G is an amazing man that will really help out this branch a lot.  M is the sweetest older lady.  We are gonna keep meeting with them these next two weeks before it all goes down.  Crazy to think i've gone from teaching a lesson or two a transfer to preparing people for baptism!  Blows my mind how the Lord works.  In all reality, it just gives me hope.  The Lord has it under control.  Things will work out the way they need to cause he has a plan for all of us.  Just as simple as that.

Yesterday we had dinner with Sora G!  Dont know if you remember, but she is the lady I would call when I was in my first and second transfer to help me with Romanian!  So we went over and she cooked us this great meal!  I love Sarmali!!  Then these random Norwegians came over.  One is a returned missionary just traveling his mission with his buddies.  It was super cool to talk with them and hear about their old mission stories and what not.  Super random, but we made some new friends! haha :)

Things over here are going pretty great.  The work is progressing and people are getting along, which is fantastic.  I am so grateful for all of you in my life!  I love you all so much!  Hope you have a great week and do something great to kick start summer vacation!!  Talk to ya next week!

Elder Cooper

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