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MAY 4, 2015
The week.  I really feel like I dont have much to say haha.  Since the last time I wrote was like on Wednesday, it hasnt been that long.
So on saturday English class rolled around.... and it rained again!  the first time it rained it was okay cause it's still the
But rain does bring about great beauty! 
first week and there is always the Saturday class to go to.  But now that the weather was bad on both of those days, they might think like man I will already be behind or something like that or just forget we talked to them all together. Hopefully not though. Guess we'll see. 
Before church started we were able to do a lesson with the church walk in from last Sunday.  We are going to meet with him again on Wednesday and it officially makes him a progressing investigator.  He is a great man and I am excited to work with him.  I do think it might take a while for him to make all the steps, but that is kinda normal here.  He is in his late 60's I think and he has studied a lot about different churches. It's interesting working with people. I've learned to really get what they need their focus can't be just on studying about us or seeing what we do rather than a pure desire to find the truth. Desire is essential. With all that said I am really excited to be able to start teaching the lessons again.  Maybe this will be my first time teaching all of them! who knows? haha
Church was also great cause... it was 45 minutes.  It is so hard to get our branch to go any longer on a fast and testimony meeting.  I mean I still hold the record for shortest meeting when I conducted last fast and testimony meeting.  Im not sure if I should be proud or a little embarrassed about that? haha
Alright so today has actually been a pretty crazy Pday. L went to the hospital on Friday cause he was having some pretty
bad pains in his lower stomach.  Well he is still there now!  He
has something that and I guess it is pretty serious.  So today we went to go visit him to see how he was doing.  It took us so long to actually find the area we were supposed to be in.  Our first attempt we ended up in a college trying to go up an elevator when a nice lady comes up to us and asks what we were doing here haha.  She then pointed us in the right direction.  Then we go into, what I thought were the front doors.  We ended up down a random hall way just looking for an elevator.  We then get more instructions that we gotta go outside again and go down these stairs and let me just tell you, it was the most difficult front door I have ever needed to get to haha. We are lucky to have the hospitals we have in America. I'm just going to say that :) 
So the church is true.
Love you all so much!  NEXT WEEK WE SKYPE!! that's pretty neat.  I am excited to see you guys and be able to talk.  Last time I get to skype you guys from Romania.  AH!  Have a great week

Varstnicul Iacov Dogar

MAY 11, 2015
It was super great to see everyone today!!  You all are looking so good.. haha :)  It is a little hard think of what to write just cause we talked about so much already.
Like I said already, we had a pretty good week even though a few things went wrong.  On Wednesday we tried to meet with someone, but he said he was outta town.  On the bright side he came to church!  We were able to do a short lesson with him.  This next week we are hoping we will be able to go over to his house and tell him more about the plan of salvation.  It should be really good.  I will let you know how things go with him.
Also I think I mentioned this in he skype call, but I think I should say it again... I am the branch Pianist!! haha how did that happen?!  Actually we know how that happened.  Took a little bit of time this week to roughly learn how to read notes and generally get a feel of how to play 4 songs... and that is how it happened... I just think it's crazy!  I think me and my
Well he sort of used to practice in Arad :O
companion are going to go out contacting just asking people if they can play the piano.  Then tell them " oh hey, we have a piano, do you want to practice for an hour on Sundays at 10 am?" haha I think it'll work.
I know this is a lot shorter than normal so sorry about that.  I still love you all so much! haha  It might sound weird but it honestly just warmed my heart seeing all of you.  I think as a missionary your heart may tend to get a little cold because we are in the world so much. (at least this has been my experience on my mission)  It was just great and really helpful to see all of your faces and be reminded so strongly about one of the biggest reasons I am out here.  It was a bit of a reality check.  The gospel is real and true and families are forever, so ya, just like a tender mercy... I just love you all so so much!  Thanks for being so great and being so crazy.  It wouldnt be the same any other way!  Hope you have a great week!!

Elder james

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