Monday, November 3, 2014


All right so the week. 

We were able to meet up with a member we haven't seen that much at church.  It was super great.  He was so nice and
really really wants to come back to church.  It's just hard right now because of his work schedule.  They literally give him no time on Sundays... it's super sad.  We are hoping to see that turn around soon.  That day was super busy.  We were running all over the place.  Right after we had a lesson with D again!  He is progressing, I think, but it is super slow.  It's also an interesting situation because he is fewer than 18.  Well during this lesson, we had a surprise visit.  M came to Sibiu to look at the church here!  If you dont remember him, we taught him a couple times when I was serving in Buc.  It was super cool to see him again. Life is just tricky sometimes, but we are hoping and praying that the missionaries in Buc will keep working with him on so that one day he can be a member. I have faith in him. 

All right so yesterday was probably the best Sunday I have had outside of America.  We had tons of people at church.  The group in Sebes was able to come down to Sibiu.  That consists of R (who we visited in the mountains) also this awesome family.  They have like 5 kids and they are all super cute!  The oldest son just had his interview to receive the Aaronic priesthood.  The rest of them are all younger so the sisters had to do a primary class!  Super awesome!  Then we had a less active family come. They brought their two little girls, so that just added to the primary. :) That's not all!  We then had a lady come with her little girl!!!  I am not 100% sure on her situation, but she knows a lot about the church... the members all know her... so I think she is less active as well.  So if you have been adding up we had 8 kids at church!  Also three full families!  So great! The C's, the less actives with the two girls, and the other Family C (that is the Branch president, they just got back from the temple in Madrid getting sealed!)  To say the least, it was the most amazing Sunday I have had in Sibiu.  There was so much noise, children laughing and crying it was so nice. I guess I've missed noise. :)   We wish the people in Sebes could come every week!  They help this branch out so much.  Everyone who came just felt so welcomed.  It was an awesome change to see.

To wrap up the week, we watched another session of general conference.  Only two more and we are done! haha

I know that no matter what life throws our way that Christ will
help. It takes patience, but he is there. The basics are what matter.  Pray always.  The Book of Mormon brings so much calm and peace that I know I literally can't afford to not read it.  Two days ago I had a feeling like I have never had before.  Of just the spirit of God confirming certain things to my heart, it was so strong.  It departed so quickly though.  Luckily I wrote it down to reflect on. Guess we have to hold on to the moments.  

Love you all so much!  Hope you can have a great week!  Talk to ya soon!

Elder Cooper

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