Monday, October 27, 2014


This week we got a surprise visit.  Elder O and Elder Chatterton came and spent 2 days over here.  If you remember Elder Chatterton went to Bucharest for a "special assignment".  Basically they have been working on a couple different things, with senior couples and with a big program that we will be doing for Christmas.  They also had the
Great to see this kid again!
assignment to go around to a bunch of small groups that are not quite branches yet.  So that is what they were doing over here in Sibiu.  I don't know if you ever hear about the city Deva?  Well it basically closed the transfer before I got here to Romania.  Well their job was basically to go look at the situation over there and bring them the sacrament.  Deva is super close to Sibiu so they just stayed with us.  The coolest part of their assignment... they have a mini Ipad!!  They also got to drive around half of Romania, so that is super sick.  In our mission they say that we might be getting mini ipads about Christmas time!  So that will be another huge change.  So it was just super cool to see elder Chatterton again. He was such a great companion, and I'm so grateful I was able to train him. 

This past Saturday we had an amazing Halloween activity!  We knew Halloween isn't until next Saturday, but since transfers are so close, we decided to do a super, well planned
activity before the transfer ends. It was a huge success, I I think.  We had 20 people there total!  6 missionaries, 3 members, and 11 non -members/ investigators!  At the beginning we had bobbing for apples (which is filthy), fishing for candy, and mummy bowling.  About 30 minutes in we switched it up and took them upstairs to do some team relay races.  While they were doing that, Elder W and I stayed down stairs and set up the Pumpkin carving stuff!  When they all came down they started carving.  While they were carving, we took 2 at a time down into our haunted house we made!  You know those glow sticks you sent me a while ago mom?  Well they were actually super needed and made it really fun, so thanks again for those!  This was probably the best activity I have had on my mission. Everyone was getting along, smiling and laughing. It was also super cool because they dont really celebrate Halloween here in Romania.  They have only seen how American's do in the movies and stuff.  So it was pretty cool we were able to bring some of our stuff to them.  It's cool I will get to say that I was in Transylavania for Halloween!

So now Sunday rolls around.  Guess what happened?  We forgot it was daylight savings!!  AH!  It was awful haha. 
Today was also the day we found out what will be happening next transfer.  Everyone is staying the same.  Not a single thing will be different.  So I wont get to go down to Buc to see Poulsen off. :/ I actually pretty bummed about that. It's always a recharging reunion at transfers....luckily I had a good talk with someone on Sunday and it helped me a lot. 

I am so grateful for all of you.  Thank you for understanding life and always giving me good advice and support.  I dont know where I would be without every single one of you.  Love you all so much!  Have a great week!

Love The Cooper #2

ps:  In about a weeks time it has turned into winter.  Seriously like three weeks ago I was walking around in short sleeves sweating, and now all my winter stuff is out and we are preparing for snow.  It has already snowed in Bucharest, so it is only a matter of time! haha

Loved serving with Elder Poulsen. I will miss having him here, he's one of my best friends, but ya,
we will be buds forever. I'm excited for you to meet him. 

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