Monday, October 13, 2014


Another week in the books.  

This week we went on exchanges with elder Lybbert and his comp elder Dearden.  I went with elder Dearden, and it was pretty sick.  We got outside and did a bunch of contacting.  We had some solid conversations with people. For some reason I feel like it had been awhile since I have had just a solid productive day of contacting, so it was nice to have one again.  It's funny cause who ever is staying in the other elder's apartment always wants to be the one to stay in our
apartment cause of the Bidet (baday,or however you spell it)  It really is so nice to have haha.  Oh so super cool story at the start of the exchange.  Elder Dearden and I were walking down to the lift to start heading back to our apartment. (we were at the other's apartment to do the swap)  While we were waiting for the lift we heard someone singing something on their way up.  When the doors opened up we couldn't really see who it was.  We just said hello in Romania and the response we got back blew me away.  He just said "Hey wazza up guys."  It through me off cause we never get greeted in English usually. Turns out that there is a black man from Florida who lives on the floor right beneath the other elders.  We talked for him for a while and he is super sick. 
He is playing for Sibiu's basketball team.  I'll tell ya, it is a lot easier to connect with people from where you are from.  We had a solid 10-15 minute conversation.  From some reason it always just makes me happy when I get the chance to talk to someone from America.  So ya the chances of the elder to keep bumping into him are pretty high, so maybe they'll get things going with him!

We were able to do a little service this week.  We had set up to go sing at an old folks home.  I was thinking the whole time like "yeah!  It will be fun, we will go with our district and sing to like individual rooms or like to a table of like 10 of them."  Oh how wrong I was.  We get there and this lady leads us into this room.  She opens the door and there was a million of them!  Three rows of six tables with
about 4 to a table!  I just about peed my pants.  Singing is good and fun and stuff, but I really dont sing that well.  We really hadn't practiced the songs we were going to sing.  It felt like we were up on stage being the main act of the night.  After every hymn we sung they would just clap and shout stuff out haha.  So it was just kinda intimidating to me because we were like performing and hadn't practiced... at least that is how I viewed it.  It all went super well though I am just over reacting a bit. :)  Everyone in my district is super musically talented so Im sure it wasn't a big deal to them, but I almost had a heart attack.  All and all it was fun, and really good for us to do.

This week we were finally able to meet with a less active family we have been trying to get into contact with for a while.  The situation however is a little less then desirable.  We were planning on talking a bit about Joseph Smith and were hoping to rekindle the fire that they felt when they first heard about
him.  We were just talking to the husband mind you.  We asked him about Joseph Smith and he had no idea who he was!  The wife came in a while later and was visibly displeased with us being there.  She has had a very bad experience with the church more specifically with the missionaries.  I dont know what the missionaries were thinking, but they are gonna have to deal with some of the damage they have done later down the road.  So now we are just doing what we can to try to heal and repair, but it will take a while I think before they trust missionaries again. We will be friends and work hard to show our intentions are real. Moral of the story to the missionaries, dont promise people and tell people things they just want to hear to get them into the water! It does too much damage.

On a happier note, this past Sunday we had to give talks.  Our Branch president is on his honeymoon, so he was gone and will be gone the following Sunday.  We had like 3
There are so many amazing buildings
members and two investigators, so it wasn't a scary crowd at all haha :)  I talked about the commandment to love.  Another Elder and I were supposed to be the only two speaking, he was to go first and then I would follow after the hymn.  ten minutes in he says amen and sits down....  Me and elder Lybbert kinda exchanged looks cause we both knew what I had to try and do.  It was kinda funny.  After about 15 minutes I ran out of prepared material and was just like,"shoot"  So I kinda put my paper to the side and just went for it.  I think it was okay though haha.  I ended up getting us past the 45 minute mark a little bit.  After that It was obvious that I was just trying to fill the time.  So eventually I was just like, okay amen and sat down.  Elder Lybbert, luckily had some stuff he wanted to say and got us to the end safe and sound haha.  Funny story... but please no one be offended, I we all were just doing our best :) ....  Basically I felt like the highlight of what I said was In my quote from Batman.  Yes I used a Batman quote and it was sick! :) "why do we fall Bruce?  So we can learn to pick ourselves up."  I tied it in some how... im sure...

But ya, that was the week.  This next Wednesday we are
heading to Ploesti to do an exchange with the zone leaders DeGraw and Brundage!  It will be super nice to see them again. (Zone leaders dont have to go on exchanges with other elders, but for some reason they wanted to go on one with us.  Not just for some reason... it is for me, I need it)  So ya should be a good week.  Love you all so much!  Thanks for all you do for me and for the emails.  They make P-day rather enjoyable haha :)

Elder Nightwing

And don't worry, I'm still making friends!!

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