Wednesday, October 1, 2014


 Well it has been one of the calmer weeks I have had in a while.  
To start off the week, Elder Lybbert and I went on an exchange.  Both of our comps had to go down to a city called Ploesti to do the zone conference they missed.  So elder Lybbert and I just hit the pavement.  We got out and contacted people for our English classes starting up.  We also went around figuring out how we could legally put up our English posters around the city.  So we had a lot of stuff to do.  I really enjoyed this exchange.  Elder Lybbert and I have always been good buds, but I never realized how much we have in common!  It was really cool just to have a day to get to work and also catch up a little bit.  That gave us a great start to the week.
The rest of the week was basically filled with contacting for English.  It is one of the biggest sources of potential investigators we have in this mission.  We teach our course for an hour, and then have a short spiritual thought at the end.  Usually this will spark some sort of interest in some people.  I am excited to get started with it.

So I had a super cool experience one of the days we went out contacting.  We were
heading outside, and randomly I turned to elder W and just said "someone will come to English because of contacting today"  At the very end of the contacting time, I got into a good conversation with someone.  We talked for a bit and she seemed really sincere about wanting to come.  We then received a call from her today asking more about the classes!  Usually we can get good conversations out of people, but when they actually make an effort and call that is a really good sign.  I guess I am just excited cause our English classes are kinda small here.  We are really hoping for a big turn out this time around.
All right huge miracle this week.... we had 20 people (including the missionaries) at church this past Sunday!  It was super amazing.  Usually I prepare the sacrament and stuff, so when people kept coming in, I had a mini panic attack cause I didnt think we would have enough water for everyone.  So right before the sacrament started I had to run into the kitchen to get more just in case we needed more. It was the good kind of stress haha.  Afterwards we talked to them and made some new friends.  We are hoping that we can get them to consistently keep coming.  (Some were members, a couple that had been excommunicated were trying to come back, and a few investigators, so great!)  We will see how it goes!

For the fun stuff we did:  Last P-day we went to the zoo.  I think I already told you that,
but ya, that is where some of those pictures came from.  This P-day we went to a fortified church... basically just a well kept version of the castle ruins I would always go to in Arad.  It was super fun. It was time for a good adventure, we all needed one!
Sorry the update is kinda short this week.  I will let you know how everything turns out this week.  Thanks for all of your prayers and fasts!  I have an amazing support group behind me and it makes a ton of difference... so thanks for being there!  Love you all!

Elder Cooper #2

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