Monday, October 6, 2014


Alright time to try and explain this week.
"There are these magical Coke machines" 
So really things are just going normal. :) 

Our English classes started up this past week, and they went awesome!  We had a huge turn out!  School has started up and stuff, so people are more in the study type of mood.  Me and my comp teach the advanced class this time around.  It is actually kinda intimidating cause usually the people "know" English better then me!  But I have a step up on them... I am native speaker.  If they ever correct me I just say "well that is how we would say it if you don't want to sound weird"  So it all works out and usually is pretty fun.  I am excited to continue on, and see what happens.

Love the Smiths
This week our branch president got married!  Dont really know what their plan is now, but I do not think they are leaving that soon.  It is yet to be decided.  All I know is there will be a couple of weeks without our BP.  But It was super cool to see how they did the wedding (wasn't the actual wedding... more of a reception).  President Ivory and his wife and son came too, along with most of the senior couples from the mission.  I got to see the Smith's again!  They always make me so happy.  I usually talk to them for awhile when I see them.  Dont know if I said this but they are stationed in Arad right now.  That wonderful place where I was for 6 months of my mission.  It is cool to see how they are helping the area.  Also something
super amazing to see... senior couples!!!  They are seriously one of the biggest helps out here.  The world needs more senior missionaries!! 
Flashback to the time with the Smiths :) 
The young ones are great too, don't get me wrong, but there is a certain effect that senior, more weathered, if I can use that word, people can do.  They bring a certain respect with them.  Anyone can be blunt and rude or whatever it may be to a younger human being going around telling people what they have found... but it is harder to do when they are older and defiantly know what they are talking about.  Again don't get me wrong, of course there are always just those rude people, but for the most part I think it is better.  Basically what I am trying to say is that the senior couples rock and are needed!  They not only boost the younger missionaries, but they are just so solid.  They are a huge blessing to everyone.  Especially the Smiths to me! :)

We had probably one of my most favorite adventures today.
  We went to the country side to a city called Sebes to visit a member.  He is from England and has been a member for a while.  He can't come to church very often cause it is so far away, so he is trying to start up a little branch out there.  Basically what he has done is gone up into the mountains of Romania, and built a house.  It kinda had a feel of like a cabin so super cozy.  He knows just about everyone in the village where he lives.  He goes around and just helps everyone!  They all love him and know him.  It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen/been.  He really just inspired me. 

He is basically all alone, he continues to do good, he is full of wisdom so I just listened to him in awe the whole time (the British accent helped as well), he has just turned this place where nothing was, into a beautiful master piece. 

It was just a good reality check!

So that was basically the week.  We got to watch the morning sessions of conference live translated into Romanian.  It was super cool cause that is the first time I got to watch them in Romanian. It takes like 10x the concentration as you normally need to put into conference. ( So we watched both of the morning sessions live... in Romanian.  It is super difficult to understand cause most of the time they are American translators just reading a piece of paper as fast as they can, no pauses or change in their voice, so it’s Romanian, but not…hahaha)
"This is our branch 5 minute before start on Fast Sunday"

The work is kinda picking up here in Sibiu.  It is getting chillier and school is in.  It brings a lot of people back so there are different people to talk to.  There are a couple young people that are kinda coming out of the wood work, so our hopes are high!  We are just trudging along!  Thanks for all your prayers and support!  I love you all so much!  Have a great week!  I talk to ya next week!


P.S. Ya I've been sick, so not the highest of the highs, but I'm feeling a bit better so it will be okay.  

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