Monday, March 9, 2015


Well Im here in Craiova now.  Every time I go down to transfers there are more and more people I dont know.  It's really weird Im like in a different mission now then when I started.  Especially after these next two transfers literally everyone I know that is older in the mission will be gone.  Weird reality check.
So Craiova is not at all how I pictured it in my head.  I
pictured the work to kinda be slower over here and there to not be much to do.  Well there is a lot of work compared to what I am used to!  Elder Christensen is awesome!  Just walking on the streets we pass people all the time that he knows and we just stop and talk with them.  It is amazing to see that so many people know us and are super friendly with us.  We actually have people to meet with.  It's the only other time in my mission since Bucharest that I have come into an area where there are already people that the companionship has been teaching.  So to say the least I have been pleasantly surprised.
We have met with the branch president here and he is amazing.  He is older but is full of energy.  We went over to their house and it was just as friendly as going over to a grandparent’s house.  It is just a warm friendly place and I think the smell helped set the scene a little more.  I am really excited to work with them.  
So church rolls around and I gave a talk.  The missionaries switch off every other week, so it's a good thing I have kept all the talks I have written haha.  Brother F also came this week.  He is from Nevada but has been living in Germany for 8 years and now is working on a project here in Romania.  He is so awesome!  He came in with three bags of only American stuff!  So now we have American cereal, tons of peanut butter, pop tarts, and brownie mix!  haha it was one of the best Sundays ever.
It was really weird the other day.  I woke up and looked out the window and it was snowing!  I havent had to deal with snow for basically an entire transfer now and then to wake up and see it falling was kinda weird.  Luckly it didnt stick.  Craiova reminds me a lot of Pitesti.  I've been in the Transylvania area for so long that coming over to this part of the country I am able to notice some little things here and there.  The people here speak a lot faster.  They also slur a lot of their words together so it is kinda fun trying to understand some people.  Also in this area there are a lot more wild dogs out and about.  Also there are a lot more gypsies and others around.  I actually dont feel like I have
the best read on this city yet because it has been surprisingly cold the past few days, but I guess only time will tell. I'm here to work, to share the truth, and to serve. It's going to be just fine. 
Well that's about it for this week I think.  I love you all so much!  Ill talk to you next week.

Elder (Nightwing) Cooper

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