Sunday, March 8, 2015


Well Finally got back home to the apartment but guess what?  I gotta get going again!  

It's been kinda nuts.  We got to go down to Cluj this past week and it was super dope!  The city is beautiful and just
huge.  We lucked out cause Elder French had served there for 6 months so he was able to show us all the cool things
and what not for the short time we were there.  We basically had all of Thursday to go around.  Friday rolls around and we had the zone conference.  It was pretty good.  President Ivory is really focusing building up the mission culture and bringing a new and better attitude....  a lot of the younger missionaries im sure got pretty stoked.  The conference was supposed to last 6 hours!  We had to catch our train so we had to dip out an hour early haha. Overall it was a good conference though.  President Ivory's parents came.  His dad gave an awesome 30 talk/presentation.  I think that was my highlight.  He was so sincere and really was just talking from his heart... it's easy to tell when people aren’t for me.  He just encouraged us to keep going.  To get out, consistently work, and then see how the Lord blesses.  That was zone conference in a nut shell.   OH other big news from the Cluj trip.  I was able to get my "going home suit".  It is amazing and I love it.  I got it on a really good deal and it was just perfect.  So now it sits in my closet until I get on the airplane haha. :) 

I've enjoyed my time with these Elders! 
So next transfer.  Everyone is staying the same here in this city!... except me.  I am headed over to one of the bigger cities Craiova.  The branch there is almost like here in Timi, except minus the amazing new American family/ branch president, then minus 2 of the regular comers and that is the Craiova branch.  It is going to be a big adventure over there for sure.  I am actually really excited to see what we can do with the city.  This will almost be my last city, or maybe even my last. I really just got to go all out here and make every second count.  It will be really weird being in a two man city.  I guess it just means planning some sick Pdays is easier, working really hard easier, and over all, I really I am excited to see how this next transfer goes and to work hard.

I realized something the other day.  It actually made my day.  I said the sacrament prayer in Romanian like we always do.  Afterwards, elder Harris came up to me and said that my accent when saying the prayer was very very good.  It then hit me... that  a sincere compliment from a person I respect really helps my confidence. I get them a bit, compliments, on the street with Romanians cause they are impressed if you can even kinda hold a conversation), but you all know how important that stuff is to me, so it really made my day.  It's weird to think how much one little nice thing said can do.  I think we often forget that.  No matter who it is to, every one likes and honestly needs a good sincere compliment now and again. It's something I want to be able to to for people. 

So we are going to hop on a train tomorrow night and get to
Buc Wednesday morning.  Then Ill be taking another train Wednesday night and get to Craiova.  It's just gonna be another crazy week ahead of me.  It'll be good and sad to go down to transfers.  A lot of my friends are leaving after this transfer so this is the last time to see all of them!  Crazy to think they were all in their third transfer when I got into the country.  Time just keeps going I guess! 

Bottom line I came on a mission because I love the Lord and I want to share His gospel.  I suppose they can teach you all that other stuff, and I’m not saying it’s not good, but if you go on a mission and expect something different you might be disappointed. I love the Lord, he loves me, honestly nothing else really matters at this point. Through prayer I am okay, I promise. Things are good. 
 I love you all so much!  I wouldn’t survive without all of you. Have a good week!!

Elder James

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