Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SORRY A WEEK BEHIND! February 23, 2015

Hello! :)

Well it's hard to believe that this is our last full week of the transfer.  It has actually gone by really fast.

(Thanks for the picture Mason Family)
This past week not that much happened.  We had two meal appointments with the Mason family.  They are so amazing!  More details about them.  He is a college professor teaching about religious stuff.  He has a job over here for I think five months or so.  They have three little kids, the oldest one is 7.  Then they have two twins who are 5.  They are so freakin cute!!!! We had a dinner/game night with them and it was just so great!  We played some settlers of Catan. Have you ever heard of that game?  You should definitely think about getting it, it is a blast!!  The kids loved the game so we all teamed up and 
just played a game and ate.  It was really refreshing actually.We are getting pretty close with the family and we are going to be able to work so well together.  They really are exactly what Timi needs.  They have a lot of energy and excitement about the gospel and missionary work.  He is a very humble and down to earth guy and she is very excited just about doing things in general so it is nice.  So the appointments went very well with them to say the least. So grateful!
Also I dont know if I have told you how strong the 4 ladies that come to this branch are.  They have blown me away and continue to impress me with their rock solid and sound understanding of the gospel principles.  These 4 ladies are the champions of Romania I think.  They have all been through so much and to see them at the place they are now is very inspiring and very reassuring for the branch here.  I kinda feel like if Grandma Green could speak Romanian (or they could speak English) they would all be really good friends.  All just really strong women.
So now we got a pretty crazy week coming up.  We are going over to Cluj for our zone conference.  We have to leave like Wednesday or Thursday and wont be back till like Friday night.  Then we teach our English class and hopefully find out transfer boards!  So it's going to be a very fast week.  Going down to Cluj is going to be very cramped.  There are two apartments for the elders to stay at.  The thing is we got Sibiu, Arad, Oradea, and Timi all going and needing a place to stay at and they want to cram all of us in these apartments... haha it's going to be crazy to say the least.  Wish us luck!!
Love you so much!  Thanks for everything!!!

Elder Nightwing (Cooper)

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