Friday, February 20, 2015


Wow one crazy week!.... just kidding.  Things are rather calm here in TImi.

We had a pretty cool surprise lesson type thing this week.  So
Great Companion  (Thanks Smiths for the picture)
the other elders had set up to do an English lesson with this lady from our English class.  Well what happened was they ended up in Oradea on an exchange with our Zulus and were not able to make it back in time for the time they had set up.  So Duks and I went to the church to do this English lesson with her.  It went over really well.  At the end of the lesson she just looked at me and asked why she had never heard of the Mormon church before.  She had a bunch of questions for us and so we stayed and talked with her for a bit.  She seemed really curious about what we actually believe.  She took a BOM with her home and we told her to read from it.  She said she would come to church, she didnt, but we will see her again this week and we will extend another invitation to her. 

Basically no one ever comes on the first one.  You gotta keep asking and eventually they will make it work, that is just kinda how it goes here.  So that was pretty cool this week.
The District, working together and working hard.   (Thanks again Smiths. We love you)

We also had our service opportunity at the orphanage.  This time we had planned to make paper airplanes with them.  They also really liked the ninja game we taught them last time so they were entertained.  However this time.... I got homework duty.  They wanted me to sit down and help this one kid with his third grade homework.  You know what it taught me?  I need to brush up on my stuff!  Also I'm probably not the best at Romanian vocab...haha.... but still I felt like I needed to go back to school haha. We were sitting at the table trying to do our homework and everybody was throwing their airplanes everywhere, so all he wanted to do was to go join them, honestly that's all I wanted too. haha. That's way more fun than Homework!

Eventually we got it done and were able to go join the others and play.
We also tried to have a Valentines party this week. I say tried because only one person showed up. haha  We played some water pong, the get the ping pong ball off the table with your breathe, and also watched the princess bride.  That was our Valentines :)  Overall it was good.
Other big news is the BP and family are officially all settled in and about ready to get things going.  It will be really nice having them here.  We actually have a dinner appointment with them tomorrow!!  Super crazy... I dont even know how to act... Im kinda nervous haha.  They are a really nice and cute family.  They are gonna help the work progress in Timi for sure.
Well that is the week.  Thank you all for your support and for your prayers.  They are needed and they are felt.  I love you all so much, I couldnt do this with out you!

Elder Nighwing! (Thanks to my brother Batman :) for having my back.)

 "Ya so the ear wax melts out into the yellow tube.  You then take it out and look at what you had in there! haha  This is my ear wax that I had in my ear.  I realize that I didnt fully explain this very well.  The fire like melts and pulls it up or something like that. :)"

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