Monday, February 9, 2015



Honestly, not a lot happened this week.  I will tell you my highlight though.  We had a movie night activity for some of the former investigators here.  We didnt have the best turn out, but we got a few there.  We watched the lego movie!  If you havent seen that one it is a must.  It's got a good ending.  With this activity we were able to get a little closer with the
"Excited to work with my new companion. He's a great guy!"
people here.  It has been a rough change for them as well.  Missionaries left from here after being here for a really long time. So they have some adjusting to do as well.  We are trying to make it as easy or comfortable as possible for them.  It is something that we forget about sometimes.  The affect that missionaries leaving will have on an area.  Usually, at least for me, I think that leaving the area has the affect on me not the other way around.  I guess Im just trying to say it is important to remember that other people can feel the same way, and that we need to take care of them too.  If this is making any sense?  Im really tired. haha
So Sundays are really cozy days.  We go to church and our 3 member ladies show up.  We do the first meeting and then two of them switch off from teaching.  I actually am really enjoying the Sunday school lessons.  We all have to be involved or else the lesson doesnt work very well because we are so few.  We talked about Nicodemus this past week.  How he requested that Jesus come help him out and teach him something during the nighttime, and how that showed a couple of things. Some are all deep I'm sure, but basically to me the biggest thing that stuck out was that he just didn't want anyone to know he was asking for help so he did it at night.  He was scared about what the people would think.  This concept is something so difficult that we have to fight day to day.  To truly be humble enough and ask for help or do the right thing.  It's a difficult thing.  For me personally, it is probably something I will have to work on over and over again.  It's difficult doing something that you know is right and that you also know is unpopular or not fun.  I hope that we will all have courage to do that as we go about our days.
All right so now we are on to another week.  Our English classes are starting up so I am super excited.  It does add a little more stress, but it helps keep us busy.  Ive gotten the most calls for English class this transfer than ever before!  My hopes are high.  We will see tomorrow I guess.  Have a great week everyone!!  Love you lots!!


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