Monday, January 26, 2015


So the week.

It's been pretty nuts.  Transfer day was good and I got to
THE SISTER GOOD-BYE! "Hard to believe they are
home now"
catch up with a lot of my buddies.  It is really fun to be able to have a day where almost everyone comes to the same place and you can catch up until their train leaves.  So our train left at 9:45 pm.  We had to take a sleeper train, which I haven't had to do since I was in Arad.  Suprisingly you can always seem to get a goods night sleep when you are on one.  I think it has something to do with feeling like you are being rocked back and forth kinda like a baby... :)
So now the fun begins.  Being white washed is dope... but I also forgot it is difficult at the same time.  I have already gotten us lost a heap of times.  Anyways, to start off my first day in Timi, we had to take a taxi with all of our bags and what not.  The taxi drivers here are sometimes not the most honest.  He tried charging me like 25 lei for a 5-10 minute trip!  He "forgot" to push the meter thingy so at the end of the trip he was like... '.... um 25 lei will be good enough."  Haha freak!  They always try and get the forgeiners.  I got in a bit of a.... we will call it a discussion.  I told him that was way to much and wouldnt pay him it.  He told me I had a lot of bags and that it cost more. (BTW he didnt even lift one of them...) He said okay 15 lei.  I pulled out 12 and said have a good day. (which is still probably more then he deserved)  haha funny looking back, but at 6:30 in the morning it was a little less than fun.
Now we get to the apartment... and it is a mess.  We have had some time to clean up and what not, but we still got a lot to do.  We actually have 2 stories to this apartment with an automatic light senser on the stairs.  Also 2 bathrooms, big living room, walk in closet, a baday, a comfy queen size bed.  I basically am living like a king.  Besides from the huge mess, it is the best apartment I think I have been in.  So I am loving life here.
Now onto Sunday and the branch situation here.  We have 4 solid members who come every week apparently.  Elder M was actually the Branch president here before we came in.  .  Our city literally does not have a branch president now... at least for like 3 more weeks or something like that.  So Sunday comes around and elder Smith (the senior couple I was with in Buc) comes down cause he is a part of the district presidency.  He told the branch our rolls.  Elder H is the presiding elder... basically a temperary BP.  Elder F is the clerk so they can do the finances together and stuff and you need people in MLS.  I am the elders qurom president and in charge of all the preisthood stuff.  The only reason I am writing this out is cause this is the first time they actually announced it in a branch with me.  In almost all my cities we have been like unspoken elder qurom presidents or whatever it may be.  It just felt kinda weird them actually telling everybody haha.  So ya... this will be fun.  We got a lot of work to do here.  President Ivory really is counting on us, and we plan on working hard and building this branch. 
Overall, I am so excited to be here.  The ladies in our branch are amazing.  They are super friendly.  The bro district we have is sick and we all get along.  We are all really old missionaries and ready to work, and have some great pdays too.
I have noticed that I was actually really struggling leaving
Sibiu.  There was and is just a lot of me there.  I wasn't
expecting it because it has never hurt me to leave a city so much.  Joco talked about it a couple times but I never understood/never thought it would happen to me.  So I am still kinda adjusting a bit.  I do plan on putting my all into this city.  Balancing the work and play like nobodies business.  It's all gonna be alright.  Ill keep you all updated.  Sorry there isn't to much spiritual in this one.... The church is still true though... so it's all good :)
Love you and thanks again for everything you guys do for me every single day!!


Elder Cooper

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