Wednesday, January 7, 2015


DECEMBER 22 - One freakin crazy week.

So to start off we are officially "resting" one of our investigators.  Which is what elder Kearon wanted us to do instead of drop them. We love him, but now it's time to see if
he'll show any effort cause he's been not showing up to stuff :(.  But now on a happier note.  As one thing closes another opens up!  Last Monday we were playing frisbee and basketball for P-day.  I saw this kid walking his two dogs.  One of them was a puppy golden retriever!  So naturally I had to go over and pet it.  Well then we started playing with them and now we are friends with him. He's awesome. I feel so bad because he has gone through a lot of stuff in his life.  We have already had a really good lesson with him so I am super excited to keep meeting up with him.  We would also go on walks with him with his dogs and just talk with him.  I think I love it so much because it all just feels so natural.  
   This week we also went down to Ploesti for our Chirstmas zone training.  Honestly, they are always just kinda stressful for me haha.  On the other side you always get good notes and answers and stuff like that.  So I think over all it was good.  It's always hard traveling, not necessarily cause of the time on a train, but because where you have to sleep in the other missionaries apartment.  We had 8 missionaries in an apartment meant for 2.  That is not even out of the ordinary out here.  So of course you don't get any good sleep at all.  So after our zone training we get on the train again to head back to Sibiu.  Now if you forgot, the train ride to Ploesti is 5 hours and same for the way back.  On the way back we were with our whole district and two sisters heading up to Arad for a conformation up there.  Well about half way up the two sisters realized they bought the tickets, meaning they needed sleeper tickets and they just bought normal ones, which means 11 hours sitting in one of those train seats next to the most random people.  Now in our mission we  always take care of our sisters when traveling cause it can be so sketchy.  I was super concerned cause they both looked like they were gonna pass
out cause they were tired.  We were all just sitting in an open compartment which anyone can walk in/past any time they want.  So we talked to the zone leaders and decided it was best if elder Laititi and I stayed on the train with them to get them to Arad safely.  I was actually happy cause I got to go back to Arad for Sunday!  But let me tell ya,  That train ride was awful! haha  It was so long.  11 hours on the train and we arrived in Arad at 4:50 Sunday morning.  We then had to be at the church at 9 so we got a few hours of sleep there.  After the little pit stop there, and saying hi to everyone there we hoped back on a train at 2 to go back to Sibiu on a 6 hour train ride...... BASICALLY all Im trying to get a crossed is... Im tired! haha in the past 3 days we spent 22 hours sitting on a train and about 5 or 6 actually sleeping.  Last night was glorious cause we got home around 8 pasted out at 9 and slept till 9.  So we are still recovering just a bit. :)
  We have some super cool plans for Christmas!  We are gonna have a bonfire and we got permission to watch polar express!  It is gonna be fun.  Also I get to see all of you so very soon!  I am stoked to see all your cute little faces!  Let me know if I need to do anything on this side to make it work any better.  So I guess see ya in like 2-3 days! 
Love you all so much!!! :)

Elder Cooper
PS. Love my district. Love my Comp and I'm doing great!

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