Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Happy new years!!  Crazy that it's already 2015! haha.  In the mission there is a term, it is called your black year.  Meaning for your entire black year you will be living in
Romania/Moldova.  Know the weird thing?... I just finished mine! wow!  Time is going for sure.
This week was full of fun stuff.  We were able to stay fairly busy which is always nice.  We had a huge snowball fight with our English students.  We went to a big park and just had a big war.  Some of the students also brought sleds!  Let me back up a little bit.  This all happened after we taught them English.  We all just cleaned up together and then headed outside and it was a blast!  There was this gigantic hill that the students took us to.  There was a trail where all the sledders go to.  So you know the sleds that we have in the garage?  The old wooden ones that you can steer and what not.  Well every one here has those types of sleds.  It is so common that they almost replace strollers in the winter time.  You walk out side and you just see parents pulling their kids on these things.  I think it is super smart.
This week was super cool cause we got to go out to Sebes to go visit a family out there.  We woke up went to a maxi taxi stop and took an hour and 45 minutes to get there and then we arrived in Sebes.  Whenever you go on these types of visits, it's always an adventure.  It is an unfamiliar area and you gotta try and get around.  Also getting off the maxi taxi is intresting.  They never really tell you where you are so you gotta ask someone and hopefully they actually know and dont just make up something and you get off in the wrong city!  Elder Laititi and I almost missed it cause we were passing in and out of sleep... it was pretty funny.  Well we meet up with the family and it was super awesome.  We did a miniature sacrameeting for them, and then a spiritual thought.  They are an awesome family that really tries so hard to be so good.  It is sad that they are so far away from Sibiu cause we could
really use them here.  After a while we say goodbye and are on our own again.  The thing I forgot to mention, the family doesnt live in Sebes, we had to take a taxi to the city neighboring it.  So now we are in this city close to Sebes.  We needed to get to Sebes, the taxi's were gone and our big maxi taxi was about to leave.  So we made some friends... and they took us to Sebes haha.  From there an old man showed us where the autogara was (where the maxi taxi's were)  He walked us all the way there and we had a super nice conversation.  The thing is with Romanians, they are so super friendly when you need help.  They love helping and giving advice.  It is super cool cause this is not the first time when someone one took like 30 minutes out of their day to help us find something.  Love them.  To end the story, we got home to Sibiu safely all according to plan.
Eating at our favorite place 
It is amazing to have been in another area for almost 6 months again.  I forgot how it felt in Arad.  You really get established and make a lot of friends.  Like all of our English students.  They are all super close with us.  We talk with them all the time.  It is super sick to see how sometimes things work out like this.  
I hope you all had a great new years!  I love you so much.  Thanks for always having my back!!

Elder Nightwing Cooper

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