Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Another transfer already done?  It seriously has flown by.  It seems justyesterday on P-day we were all chilling at the park sitting on the monkey bars talking in in the warmth. Now I look around and there is snow everywhere! Doesnt make a whole lot of sense in my brain. So now onto what is happening next transfer.  I am leaving and I will be heading up to a city called Timisoara!  I have been there before just for a day when I was serving in Arad.  It is known for being a city full of young and friendly people.  Also for being extremely gorgeous.  Seriously I am kinda lucking out.  In the mission there are like 4 prettiest cities people want to go to.Brasov, Sibiu, Cluji, and Timisoara.  2/4 isnt that bad haha.  So now this is how you say it  (ti-me-shwa-ra)  or something close to that.  My companion is two transfers younger then me so we are just going to get to work.  We are getting white washed into there, so... adventure here we come!  The branch over there just barely finished with having a missionary Branch President.  To say the least, we will probably be very very involved in helping this branch and the new BP to keep going.  Another thing that is gonna be a little different is that there is only one more set of missionaries that will be there.  Another set of Elders. No sisters. I havent had that since Pitesti. So that is it for what is happening to me for my next transfer.  Crazy thing is we are already down in Buc!
I found out Sunday morning, did church, said goodbyes to people, ate, and packed up to go.  We got on the train at 6 AM this morning and now we are here in Buc.  We have some things that we need to take care of for my companion so we got to come down a little early.  We had to do our P-day down here so we went lazer tagging with the missionaries here.  It was pretty dope, but me and Titi were so tired so it was hard to get into it.  It's actually really cool cause now I get to see my sisters before they go home!  Tha'ts right they are dying in like 2 days!  So weird.  In the mission, that is a sign you are old.  Cool to say I have served an honorable full time....sister mission now. :) haha
Alright so honestly, this has been the hardest goodbye out of all the cities I have been to for so many different reasons.  I
made a couple phone calls and had to tell some good friends I was leaving.  They were super sad, but I know Titi will take care of them.  They have a super sick district there this next transfer so expect to see good things from Sibiu.  Another crazy thing,  I am leaving an investigator with a baptismal date. :(  We have set up for the 7th of February so continue to pray to for him.  Im hoping I will get to go up there for his Baptism.  Now you may be thinking... "When did that happen?"  Turns out everything started coming together this last week.  You know I love this kid, and he has been investigating the church a long time and we’ve worked A LOT with him.  We just decided we needed to just lay it out to him.  Be bold and push him hard that he needed to get baptized. We needed to,
because we love this kid. So that was super cool.  The balance between overbearing and boldness is a tricky line.  Kinda goes back to the saying. "people dont care how much you know, until they know how much you care."  With boldness the first step is making sure the person truly does know how much you care about them.  Then they are like 100xs more likely to take your advice and commitments.  We also have like 3 other new investigators up there!  That was not a typo... 3!  It just blows my mind. I feel so blessed  to see some of the results of me serving here.  Really fun/sad ending on such a high note.  No tears were shed, but if there ever was a good time for it, last night would've been the night.  I really will miss the people of Sibiu... make sure to keep them in your prayers.
I've learned so much lately.  To really enjoy being who I am and really start coming into my own.  It's crazy how multiple people or a specific person can help someone do this. How hardships can strengthen us and draw us closer to our Heavenly Father. That things sometimes don’t seem fair, but through and with Christ, situations and hardships are filled with blessings and growth. My life really has been changed for the better because of this transfer I just finished up.  My future is brighter and I have more direction than ever. There is a piece of my heart that will always be in Sibiu and in that branch meeting house.  God works in mysterious ways.  EVERY DAY WAS A GREEN DAY THIS PAST TRANSFER.
Thank you all for your prayers on support.  Elder Laititi says thanks as well.  Love you all so much!! 

Elder Snugs aka Elder Cooper

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