Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The week.
It really feels like it has been along week.  I feel like me and Elder L have been together for like 3 weeks already!  I think it is just because we are already really tight.  So Wednesday I went on exchange with Elder D while are comps went down to Bucharest and our new ones came up.  We decided we
needed to switch things up a bit and do something different.  So we bought a bouquet of flowers and handed them out to elderly ladies on the street and just said " Someone is thinking about you" or " Have a great Christmas season"   It honestly just made my whole day!  We got so many smiles and so many good conversations out of it.  It was a nice break from the ordinary.  Not a single one rejected what we were giving, which was really nice haha.
Now I am with elder L and he brought a lot of energy with him!  We had a lot of lessons and stuff set up for the end of the week. (they all fell through, but that is besides the point haha)  We got a family to come to church that I have been working hard to try and get them to come for a whole transfer now.  I kept calling them and they would tell us we could meet or they would come to church.  Well finally the weather was nice and they came to church!  It was so great!  We found them in our area book under potential investigators.  All it said was that it was a young mom with a baby and they gave her a Book of Mormon.  So we thought it would be awesome to get their whole family to church.  At the end of church we found out something.... They were already the sister's investigators!! haha what in the world!  They hadn't seen them for a while and they had never came to church.  It was so trippy but super happy. The Soras are gonna start working with them again.  Kinda sad that we "lost" our family to go try and teach... but as long as they are getting taught I am happy.
Oh I have to let you know how spoiled I feel. You guys sent me so many packages!? haha I got one from the ward! A few from you guys, and one from Grandma and Grandpa.  I have only opened two cause I dont know if I can with the other ones.  Ill tell ya it was actually a very humbling experience. It may sound cheesy, weird or whatever, but it just reminded me of all I have and how blessed I am to have to friends and family I have and to be born in a situation, and where sending packages in my behalf was possible.  I am so grateful for everyone who sent something to me.  I feel so loved and it helps me want to give that much more.
As for this up coming week, we are going down to Ploesti for our Christmas zone conference!  It's gonna be super hectic like it always is to travel with trains... but that is just how it goes.  That is about the biggest thing for next week.  Elder L and I are just gonna get to work and love every second of it.  It's gonna be a good Christmas transfer! :)
Love you all so much!  Can't believe Joco is already home!  
haha that is so weird. He finally isn't photo shopped into pictures with the family haha :)  Love you brother glad you got home safe and sound!

Elder Nightwing

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