Monday, December 15, 2014


The District
Well this transfer is gone, all that is left to do is packing for elder Whitaker.  That's right, I am staying for a fourth transfer here in Sibiu!  It's so crazy I got a pattern going. 2 in Pitesti, 4 in arad, 2 in Bucharest, now 4 in Sibiu!  So elder Whiatker is packing up, elder L is as well, and sora R.  So crazy after spending 3 months with the same people and now they are outta here.  My new comp will be elder L.  He is in elder Chatterton's MTC group.  The cool part is that I know him already!  He was in Buc when I was there.  It will be a fun change of pace I think.  The bummer part is, I dont get to go down to transfer :(  I always look forward to it cause you pick up your new comp and you get to catch up with all your pals and stuff.  So it kinda stinks Im missing two in a row, but it's not the end of the world.  Elder D and I will stay here and do a little exchange.  Alright so that is it for this next transfer!

This week was super busy for some reason, but looking back... I can't reallly remember that much haha.  The biggest thing that happened is we got to go down to Ploesti to do exchanges with Elder DeGraw and Elder Brundage again. It was super sick! I got to go with Elder B for the day. Let me tell ya, he has mastered the language. It was really cool to hear him talk. 
While we were there, we got to visit a member. He has basically been a member the entire time this country has been a legit mission!  While we were there he was telling us all these cool stories and kinda giving us a histroy lesson of the mission.  We were sitting on his bed/couch thingy and he told us the first missionaries in Ploesti sat in our exact seats like 20 years ago haha!  Super cool thought.  There was also a ton of snow in Ploesti!  I realized I was a little unprepared for winter.  The bottom of my shoes fell off and I couldn't find it in the snow... so might need to go buy some good snow shoes... or I'll make some contraption on the bottom so no snow gets in or something. haha

My next highlight of the week was at our weekly games night.  We played a couple rounds of ERS again.  At the end we taught them Big Booty!  Elder D knew it as well, so it was super fun  haha. We had a couple good rounds... but for the most part I think it was kinda hard for some of them.  However it was fun and got people laughing.  It was also really sad cause we said goodbye to all of our friends cause we didn't know who was leaving.  We have basically been with this same group of investigators the whole time we have all been here, and since we did two transfer all together everyone seemed attached.  Good news for me at least is that I am staying, so I get to see them all again.

Elder Cooper's brother returned for serving a 2 year
mission in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission. They are
best friends. 
So that is basically it for this week.  It's super weird thinking Christmas is SOO soon!  Remember last year how I was in Arad?!... ya that was a year ago.  Time is so trippy.  Also crazy!  Joco will be home for my next P-day!!!  What!!  Take so many pictures! and Joco tell me how it goes and every thing.  I want to know all the details.  It actually wont be that weird that he is home... just exciting.  That is about it. haha Love you all so much!  Have a great week Schuy keep up the great work with Silver Rush, and Sam you rock that Nativity set! haha :)

Elder James

Ps: on the 6th of December is saint niculas day!  You shine your shoes and put them outside for someone to put candy in them haha.  I woke up and there was candy in all my shoes! Im a believer!

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