Tuesday, December 9, 2014

IT'S JUST LIKE THE MOVIES - (From Decmeber 1st)

I always thought that the movies where super dramatic when it came to Thanksgiving.  Something always goes wrong and never goes the way they plan.  So I'll take you through the day.  Basically Thursday morning, I got on and emailed and stuff you know up to that point.  The day starts when we got home.  So we heard you gotta take the Turkey outta the 

freezer two days before you want to cook it.  So that's what we did.  Well we get home take out the turkey try to stick my fingers in it to grab the guts and stuff out and guess what?  Still frozen all the way through some how. haha Now dethawing it put us about an hour behind.  When it came time to season it we ran into another problem.  The Rosemerry I bought to put on it was next to nothing!  There was about two pinches in the entire package I bought! It was kinda ridiculous haha  Eventually we get it in the oven and it's cooking and stuff.  In the meanwhile, Elder W and I are tried to do some studies while making the stuffing as well.  We get the stuffing done right as the turkey is about done cooking.  We take it out and try to turn off the oven and the stove.  Here comes the next problem... it WOULDN"T TURN OFF.  The knob to
"Yep, this happened!"
control the gas broke off so we couldn't turn it with that.  We then go in with some plyers to turn the metal thingy that the knob was supposed to turn.... and then the metal part busts off as well!  So we were just sitting there with our stove going for about another hour waiting for our landlord to come over and fix it.  Good news is we were not late to the Thanksgiving party!  We made it on time, and everything went super well.  So as stressful as it was we got everything done. So how did my personal turkey turn out?  Well, a little dry... and maybe a bit over done, but nobody got sick so I'd say pretty good! haha :)  Including the missionaries we had 11 members there.  To our suprise we then had 19 other friends and investigators there!  It was an amazing activity.  Everything went great and it's a lot of stress gone.  Oh ya... that night we came home, and our entire stove top was missing!  The landlord came while we were gone to fix it and decided to take it all apart haha  So we were out of a stove for about a day or two.

We were also able to meet with D again!  It's been so long.  I think about 2 weeks since we have had a lesson with him.  What it came down to is he is really praying to know if that we were sent by God and that what we are teaching is true or not.  He is gonna start reading the Book of Mormon so I am super stoked for him.
Our district! 
Alright so this past Saturday we orginized a games night for all our investigators and members.  Super fun.  Don't think we had any members show up, but we had tons of teenage kids come play so it was sick.  I taught every one how to play Eygption Rat Screw.... Im still the champ haha.
Alright so I think that is basically everything for this week.  It's been super crazy and busy.  It's weird all the different situations you get put in as a missoinary.  It may kinda suck in the moment, but looking back is always fun.  To just be like "ya... we got that done" haha 
 The Turkey Duck thingy you had looked super good! Hopefully you all had a great time!  Love you all so much!  It's basically another transfer done, so I'll let you know the changes next Monday.   Have a great week!!

Elder Cooper

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