Monday, December 1, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving!  Woke up this morning with frost
everywhere.  It hasn't snowed in Sibiu. yet, but it defiantly is cold enough if it wanted to.

This past week we did some exchanges with the District leader.  I went with elder L again, so it was pretty fun.  He is the second counselor for the branch here, so sometimes they have a lot of busy work they need to do.  We had to go to the church and stay there while an inspector came to check on our building's gas.  Well turns out there was a problem, so he had to shut the gas off.  Later on in the exchange we had a lesson with one of the investigators.  It was pretty fun.  We talked a lot about prayer and Elder L and I kinda just flowed together so it was cool.  It was also nice to have that lesson cause of what happened through out the week.  We tried setting up about 5-6 lessons this past week, and we got "bunged"(they didn't show up) every single one of them!  So I'm glad we got to teach during the exchange.

So fun story.  The beginning of my time here in Sibiu there was a solid 4-5 members coming to church every week.  With missionaries that makes about 11 at church every week.  Well for the past four weeks of this transfer we have had a minimum of like 19 and a max of 26!  The church is getting stronger here and it is awesome to see!  Well President has been keeping track and was very happy.  So he told us to go out to lunch and to keep the receipt and he would pay for it!  So he basically "took us out to lunch" because he is super happy with Sibiu.  Now I am not telling this to be like "wow look we did, we are awesome!"  Just to show you that your prayers and fasts on the behalf of the people here specifically in Sibiu are being answered.  Thanks for helping us from all the way over there!

This past Sunday president C found out he had to leave out of town like 2 or 3 days before Sunday.  So Presiding fell onto the other two elders.  They asked elder W and I if we could give talks and so that is what we did Sunday.  Also we had two of our English students come to church!  They have stayed for all of our spiritual thoughts after English but for some reason no one has invited them to church yet!  I kinda thought it would be the sisters cause they are both girls.  So this past Saturday I was just like hey we will see you tomorrow right?  And then basically just invited them and they were both excited to come!  So it made us all really happy to see them there.  I hope that they can start doing lessons with the sisters!

Saturday morning... we ran out of milk.... ALL of our breakfasts rely on milk! We had to rush outside to our friendlyneighborhood mini market and get some milk. There is always this really nice little lady that works there and is always so happy to talk with us.  I always try to find excuses to go over to that store cause they recognize us and we have friends over there.  Don't really know why I told you this....  Oh well.

Well today we have a pretty busy day a head of us.  We are
showing everyone how to celebrate some Thanksgiving
American style!..(and technically Canadian as well)  Some how the responsibility fell on me to cook one of the turkeys! haha I got some instructions from Sora Bair (she's so great), so it will turn out well right?  So ya, After I finish writing to all of you, we are going home and I gotta start cooking it and getting ready for this activity. Cooking is really fun actually. I'm not the best at it, but I'm getting better. I like stepping up to do it.  The day should be really fun cause a lot of people said they were coming and bringing some food.  So it is kinda like a giant Potluck!  I am super excited. 
Well that is about it for this week.  It is weird to think that I'll be back here in like 4 days writing about the days again.  Might be a bit shorter.  I love you all so much.  Hope you have a great Ziua Recunostintei!  Eat a lot!!

The Elder Cooper #2 aka Nightwing aka Coops aka JAC aka Elder James Anderson Cooper

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